5th International Workshop on programmable networks: Demystifying software networks for Vertical Industries

Monday, 18 June 2018, 14:00-18:00, E1 hall
  • George Xilouris (NCSR Demokritos, Greece)
  • Josep Martrat (ATOS, France)


Motivation and Background

Software networks are of key importance within the upcoming 5G networks. Technologies such as network slicing, validation and verification, monitoring and development of Vertical-oriented Network Applications are becoming of extreme importance in order to support multiple scenarios and use cases on top of the same physical infrastructure. Furthermore, various intelligent orchestration solutions are emerging, targeted at enabling the exploitation of virtual network functions and network softwarization mechanisms from vertical industries use cases.

In this workshop, special focus will be given on the usage of the proposed software network technologies by the several related vertical industries, such as smart factories, media, and smart cities.

This workshop aims at bringing together top researchers in the area of software networks under the umbrella of the EU H2020 5G-PPP projects to share their ideas and research results, and hence create an opportunity for synergy in particular with other 5GPPP and H2020 5G projects, taking advantage of the EuCNC’18 venue that acts as central hub for European research.



The workshop will be structured as follows:

Session 1: Keynote presentation: Zero Touch network and Service Management – Diego Lopez (TID) with Q&A.

Session 2: Technical presentations of the relevant 5G PPP projects:

5G development and validation platform for global industry-specific network services and apps– Anastasios Zafeiropoulos (Ubitech), (5GTANGO)

Application-aware network slices: addressing DevOps requirements towards vertical applications placement over 5G infrastructure – Panagiotis Gouvas (Ubitech), (MATILDA)

A distributed cloud and radio platform for 5G neutral hosts – Apostolos Papageorgiou (i2CAT), (5GCITY)

Coffee Break

Session 3: Technical presentations of the relevant 5G PPP projects:

5G-EmPOWER: An open OS for software defined radio access networks – Roberto Riggio (FBK CREATE-NET), (5GESSENCE)

5G-MEDIA: Transforming the Media Industry with 5G – Gino Carrozzo (Nextworks), (5G-MEDIA)

Enabling Smart Energy as a Service via 5G Mobile Network advances– Carolina Fortuna (JSI), (NRG-5)

Session 4: Wrap up and conclusions.

Session 2 & Session 3 will be by invitation. The different invited projects will need to answer some of the following technical questions:

  • How does your project support 5G Network Slicing for vertical cases?
  • Which are the NFV and SDN frameworks you are using in your project, and detail how you are deploying it.
  • Which are your major difficulties (compatibility, stability, descriptors, packaging, etc) when deploying a multi-vendor Network Service (VNFs from several vendors) and vertical applications?
  • Which is the DevOps cycle for a vertical application in your project and the offered APIs or entry points?
  • What is your approach for using Catalogues of VNFs/NS (shared, custom, etc)?
  • What is your strategy and implementations to include automation in the overall network management? Link to OSS.