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The 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit builds on putting together two successful conferences in the area of telecommunications: EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications), supported by the European Commission, and the 6G Summit, originated from the 6G Flagship programme in Finland, one of the very first in its area. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and by the European Association for Signal Processing, and focuses on all aspects of telecommunications ranging from 5G deployment and mobile loT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks, including experimentation and testbeds, and applications and services. It brings together cutting-edge research and world-renown industries and businesses, globally attracting in the last years more than 900 delegates from more than 40 countries all over the world, to present and discuss the latest results, and an exhibition with more than 70 exhibitors, for demonstrating the technology developed in the area, namely within research projects from EU R&l programmes. The conference has a not-for-profit organisation, hence, registration fees are as low as possible and all surplus will be made available in grants. Best Papers and Booth Awards will be granted. Accepted and presented papers for regular sessions will be published in the Conference Proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore and other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

In parallel to the events, there will be a major exhibition, presenting a wide range of technologies, products and results from European Commission co-funded projects. Prominent research institutions, SMEs as well as large industries from Europe and other parts of the world will be showcasing at EuCNC & 6G Summit. Exhibitions may address one or more Tracks, but they should be organised under a unified theme. Exhibitions are expected to show the demonstration of novel technologies and their application. Exhibitions are supposed to have at least one person present, at least during lunch and coffee breaks, in order to present the demonstration to attendees.

Exhibitions proposals should be submitted via a specific form, available on the button below by the deadline, Mar. 29th, 2024, to the Exhibitions Co-Chairs, Jeroen Famaey, Emrah Kinav and Michael Dieudonne, via email to exhibit-eucnc6gs@grow.tecnico.ulisboa.pt. Proposers should provide information on the Title, Objective, Motivation and Background, Description, and associated Requirements. The name of the file should be the Exhibition & Demonstration title (abbreviated, if necessary).

*When submitting your proposal, please include a high-definition logo, preferably in vector format such as SVG, PDF, or PNG with high resolution. This is a mandatory requirement for submission along with your application. Please be aware that as the exhibitor, you are responsible for the quality of the printed banner displaying your booth’s logo and title. The organizer will use the material you submit for printing. If your logo is low definition or in JPG format, the printed banner will also be of low quality.

The Exhibition will be open during the entire conference, from June 3rd to June 6th.


Call for participation to join the demo poster booths at the exhibition.

The Booths Posters will feature only three poster boards located in a networking area, providing a great opportunity for visibility and engagement.

Booth Poster proposals should be submitted by the deadline, 2024 May. 21st to exhibit-eucnc6gs@grow.tecnico.ulisboa.pt.
Booth Poster proposals should be submitted via a specific form, available below.
The cost for participation in the demo poster booth is 750€.


Elevate Your Small-to-Medium Enterprise: Exhibit with Impact at the 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit SME Booth!
Unleash the potential of your business by securing a prime spot at our exclusive SME booth during the EuCNC & 6G Summit. This bespoke opportunity is designed for small-to-medium enterprises like yours, offering a cost-effective way to showcase your work, gain exposure, and forge connections with industry professionals.
Why Opt for the SME Booth?
The SME booth is your gateway to cost-efficient visibility, providing a desk style exhibit area that allows you to spotlight your company and products without stretching your budget. It’s the perfect platform to convey what makes your enterprise unique and leave a lasting impression on summit attendees.
Key Benefits:

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Showcase your offerings without breaking the bank, making it an ideal choice for SMEs.
  2. Visibility: Gain exposure and draw attention from industry professionals, potential partners, and customers.
  3. Networking: Establish valuable relationships for potential collaborations and sales opportunities.

Important Details:
To seize this opportunity, submit your proposal by the deadline on April 15th, 2024. Join us in shaping the conversation on the latest trends and innovations in wireless communications. Be a part of the EuCNC & 6G Summit’s SME booth to amplify your presence, connect with industry leaders, and pave the way for your business to thrive. Proposers should provide information on the Title, Objective, Motivation and Background, Description, and associated Requirements.
The proposal should be submitted to the Exhibitions Co-Chairs, Jeroen Famaey, Emrah Kinav and Michael Dieudonne, via email to exhibit-eucnc6gs@grow.tecnico.ulisboa.pt.

Speakers Corner – Timetable

Name & titleTime
Eric Klumperink – 6G-REFERENCE Project Goals10:30 – 10:40
Panagotis Demestichas – First Insights from the Hexa-X-II PoC activities10:40 – 10:50
Zubair Shaik – 5G Private Network in a Box: A Mobile Networking Hub10:50 – 11:00
Sevtap Duman – Physical layer security for trustworthy and resilient 6G systems (6G-PHYSEC)12:40 – 12:50
Frank Groeger – On the verge to 6G – a T&M perspective13:00 – 13:00
Elva Leka – Physical Layer Security for Trustworthy and Resilient 6G Systems13:20 – 13:30


Fuel Innovation at Your University: Host Your Demos in the Spotlight at the 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit!
Transform your university into a hub of cutting-edge advancements by showcasing your demos and innovations at our prestigious event. This is your chance to take centre stage, connect with industry leaders, and position your institution as a powerhouse of technological innovation.
Why Host Your Demos at EuCNC & 6G Summit?

  1. Visibility: Elevate your university’s profile on a global scale by presenting your demos to a diverse and influential audience.
  2. Networking: Engage with top-tier professionals, potential collaborators, and industry experts, fostering partnerships that can drive your university’s research and innovation initiatives.
  3. Showcase Excellence: Demonstrate the brilliance of your academic community and highlight breakthroughs that push the boundaries of wireless communications.

Be a Trailblazer in Innovation:
Secure your spot and be part of the conversation that shapes the future of technology. Hosting your demos at the 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit is not just an opportunity; it’s a strategic move to position your university at the forefront of innovation. Join us and let your innovations shine! The proposals for Exhibitions/Demos should be submitted via a specific template available below. Proposers should provide information on the Title, Objective, Motivation and Background, Description, and associated Requirements.
The proposal should be submitted by the deadline, April 15th, 2024, to the Exhibitions Co-Chairs, Jeroen Famaey, Emrah Kinav and Michael Dieudonne, via email to exhibit-eucnc6gs@grow.tecnico.ulisboa.pt.


Step into the spotlight at the 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit with our exclusive Speakers’ Corner!
Elevate your brand and connect with a dynamic community of industry leaders, exhibitors, and innovative SMEs. This unique platform is your chance to shine, offering a supportive environment to share your success stories, groundbreaking ideas, and cutting-edge solutions.
During short and impactful 5-minute pitches held between sessions, you’ll captivate a global audience and position yourself at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in wireless communications. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand, make valuable connections, and contribute to the vibrant dialogue shaping the future of the industry. Join us and amplify your presence at the forefront of the 6G revolution!
The Speakers selected will be provided with a screen, microphone and an elevated stage.
The proposal should be submitted by the deadline, April 15th, 2024 to the Exhibitions Co-Chairs, Jeroen Famaey, Emrah Kinav and Michael Dieudonne, via email to exhibit-eucnc6gs@grow.tecnico.ulisboa.pt.


2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit will take place at the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp – “A Room with a ZOO
A Room with a ZOO is better known as Elisabeth Center Antwerp (ECA) or he Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp (FMCCA) and is a stately gem in ZOO Antwerp. Since 1843, the award-winning ZOO has been a green oasis that connects people by showcasing life and building bridges between people, both socially and professionally. It is the perfect setting for our EuCNC 6G Summit.
A Room with a ZOO consists of the magnificent Historical Wing, the modern Carnot Wing and the impressive Queen Elizabeth Hall. The entire building comprises 25000 metres of conference and event space that you can divide into as many as 30 different rooms. Each room in the Historical Wing has its own theme. They named the rooms in the Carnot Wing after their animals. Besides the eye, the stomach wants something too. The building is therefore equipped with an underground ‘full-service’ production kitchen for our in-house Elisabeth Catering.

Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp (FMCCA)
Elisabeth Center Antwerp
Koningin Astridplein 20
2018 Antwerpen

The stately building has three different entrances. The entrance for the EuCNC 6G Summit is the Main Entrance.

Main Entrance Astridplein
Koningin Astridplein 21
2018 Antwerp


The Elisabeth Center is located in the heart of the city – barely a ten-minute walk from the historic centre. By public transport, you can get there easily. Because it is right next to Antwerp Central Station with several tram and bus stops within walking distance.
The smartest route to A Room with a ZOO is by train, although you can also easily reach the Congress Center by car. Antwerp is located at the intersection of several major European motorways. The best parking option is in the public car park Parking Station ZOO.

Users parking in the Station/ZOO parking can have their entry ticket validated at the entrance of the Atrium (there is a fixed device where you need to hold the card). This way, you only need to pay 6 euros per day at the parking machine instead of 20 euros per day. Please note that these are not reserved spaces! If the parking is full, we cannot offer this discount. More information about the parking can always be found on the venue website:
Another possibility is Parking Roosevelt. There, you can book a parking space for your chosen day in advance. Use the promo code ‘zooantwerpen’ to get a discount. Please find more information on the discount rates.

Other parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of A Room with a ZOO:
Parking Centraal
Parking Breidel
Parking Astridplein
Parking De Keyser
Parking Diamant

The cost for the exhibitors:

Booth 06 m2 – Project€ 1.500,00€ 1.815,00
Booth 12 m2 – Project€ 3.000,00€ 3.630,00
Booth 06 m2 – Business€ 3.000,00€ 3.630,00
Booth 12 m2 – Business€ 6.000,00€ 7.260,00


Construction Period
Sunday 2 June: Only exhibition builder Alter Expo
Monday 3 June: For exhibition stand holders from 08.00 – 17.00 hrs

Exhibition Period
Monday 3 June: 18.00 – 21.00 hrs (Welcome Reception)
Tuesday 4 June: 08.00 – 17.30 hrs
Wednesday 5 June: 08.00 – 17.30 hrs
Thursday 6 June: 08.00 – 11.00 hrs

Deconstruction Period
Thursday 6 June: 11.00 – 13.00 hrs


Pre-Congress Deliveries

Freight forwarder
We are pleased to inform you about the availability of a dedicated freight forwarder for the upcoming congress, aiming to streamline the logistics of transporting exhibition materials. All essential information and the booking form can be accessed on the webshop (will be communicated after confirmation).
Then you can submit the booking form directly to the specified address. We highly recommend considering the use of our designated freight services for a more efficient process. To do so, you can conveniently book their services through the webshop, ensuring a professional and streamlined experience.
KRISTAL have been appointed by the organizer as the official freight forwarder, customs clearance agent and official drayage contractor.

Consigned to:
Brucargo 734
B-1830 Machelen – Belgium
Ctc Wim Poels/ Maria Pantoniou
Tel + 32 2 7514680
For EuCNC / 6G SUMMIT 2024
Name Exhibitor / Booth nr

Goods must reach advanced warehouse not later than 23 May 2024 (non-EU shipments) and 29 May 2024 (EU shipments). Once you have received the confirmation code, you can use it on the webshop to contact the freight forwarder. (Fill in forms will be provided on the website)

Direct deliveries
Address: Carnotstraat 12 – 2018 Antwerpen – Belgium
The entire city centre of Antwerp and Linkeroever are a Low Emission Zone (LEZ).
The most polluting cars are no longer welcome in the city.

Exhibitors may make walk-in deliveries on Monday, 6 June 2024, between 08.00 and 14.00 hrs. However, as the venue is in a pedestrian zone, exhibitors should deliver stands via the public parking area, not at the entrance. The loading dock is reserved for the exhibition stand builder, and exhibitors cannot use it. Please plan deliveries accordingly. Exhibitors wishing to deliver materials directly should inform Medicongress.

Direct shipments to the booth at exhibition site will only be accepted on move-in/move out dates and hours and with a confirmed unloading/reloading slot.

Always check your vehicle with the check tool https://www.slimnaarantwerpen.be/en/LEZ before entering the LEZ. Direct deliveries with vehicles to the venue are restricted.

!Note that there is no parking space for vehicles near the congress centre. You will have to park your vehicle in the official car parks.

Shipping from the Congress centre AFTER the Congress
Exhibitors can ship boxes from the FMCCA on Thursday afternoon, 6 June between 14.00 and 16.00 hrs. For optimal service, we recommend collaborating with our designated freight forwarder, Kristal. Upon confirmation, you will receive specific details regarding the shipping arrangements.

If you use your own transport company to pick-up your goods after the exhibition, note that all goods not evacuated on 6 June at 21.00 will be collected by Kristal. All costs incurred will be charged to the exhibitor.

Please note that any customs costs for transport back should be charged to the exhibitor and NOT to the FMCCA or Medicongress.

Loading and Reloading
The exhibition builder Alter Expo will prepare a schedule (contact details will be provided upon confirmation).
In your confirmation email, you will receive a link to fill out an unloading/reloading slot form. (webshop)

Elisabeth Center Antwerp
Loading dock Carnotstraat 12
2060 Antwerp Belgium

Important information
The loading dock is a loading and unloading area only.
Parking is not permitted.
Incorrectly parked vehicles will be towed immediately by the local authorities.
Trucks park at:
1. Parking Metropolis/Decathlon (via tram lines 1 and 6)
2. Parking Makro (via tram lines 5 and 10)
3. Desguinlei (Wezenberg) (via tram lines 2 and 6).


Installation of the booths
The exhibition will take place in the Atrium, Marble Hall and Okapi rooms of the FMCCA, located on the ground floor.
Coffee breaks, lunches and the Welcome Reception will be organised in this area as well.

The exhibition will be open to the public on the following days and hours:

• Monday 3 June: 18.00 – 23.00 hrs (Welcome Reception)
• Tuesday 4 June: 08.00 – 17.30 hrs
• Wednesday 5 June: 08.00 – 17.30 hrs
• Thursday 6 June: 08.00 – 11.00 hrs

Maximum height of the booth is 2,5m.

Alter Expo staff will coordinate the set-up and dismantling of the exhibition and are at your service throughout the congress for any questions you may have.

Booth installation is set for Monday, 3 June, starting at 08.00 hrs and concluding at 17.00 hrs. All booths must be fully prepared by 17.00 hrs. Please be advised that booth construction is prohibited during the Welcome Reception at 18.00 hrs on Monday, taking place in the exhibition hall.
The exact booth location of your company will be indicated on the booth of the exhibition area.

IMPORTANT: It is prohibited to nail, screw or stick items on the structure (walls, ceiling, pillars, doors, elevators, etc.) of the Exhibition area. Any deterioration/damage will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

Removal of the booths
Alter Expo staff will coordinate the dismantling of the exhibition and are at your service throughout the congress for any questions you may have.
Booths are to be removed on Thursday, June 6, immediately after 11.00 hrs until 13.00 hrs.
Booths may on no account be removed earlier or on another date. We urge you to respect the congress time schedule and to await the end of the congress to remove your booth.

IMPORTANT: Exhibitors must not leave any waste behind. All associated costs will be charged.

Exhibition area

An exhibition booth can be ordered before 29 March.

Booth assignments will be determined by the organizer. You may indicate an optional booth preference (corner or row).

The exhibition booth includes:

  • Volt carpet “Rewind” with plastic protection
  • Booth walls constructed with Aluvision frames (height: 250cm)
  • White infill panels
  • 1 name mention (corner booth, 2 names)
  • 2 LED spotlights on arms for 6 m²/ 4 LED spotlights on arms for 12 m²
  • 1 power outlet (500W)
  • Table & 2 chairs (per booth)

The cost for the exhibitors:

Booth 06 m2 – Project€ 1.500,00€ 1.815,00
Booth 12 m2 – Project€ 3.000,00€ 3.630,00
Booth 06 m2 – Business€ 3.000,00€ 3.630,00
Booth 12 m2 – Business€ 6.000,00€ 7.260,00

After approval of your exhibition proposal and the location assignment, you will receive an invoice and a link to the online shop. The individual login credentials will be sent separately (please check your spam folder).
Upon receiving confirmation of your booth reservation, you will have the option to order additional materials through the webshop.

Additional options available in the webshop:

  • Furniture: Packages and individual items:
    • Furniture package 1: 1 high table + 2 barstools € 258,72 TAV excl
    • Furniture package 2: 1 counter (lockable), 1 brochure holder and 1 barstool € 363,09 TAV excl
    • Furniture package 3: 1 platform (1×1 m – lockable) and 1 brochure holder € 392,49 TAV excl
    • Alle these items are also available separately.
  • AV (Audio-Visual): LED screens on booths or mounted on walls.
  • LCD screen 40-65 inch: € 564,48 TAV excl – € 1128,96 TAV excl. Available on a stand or to mount on the wall of your booth (please order the TV reinforcement as well).
  • Graphics: Print panels, canvas prints, stickers
    • Printed fabric 250 cm height: seamless printing that covers the entire wall – € 202,86/m
    • Printed panel: full color print per panel – € 194,04 / panel TAV excl
    • Stickers: to brand your counter – € 104,37 / sticker TAV excl
  • Electrical Equipment: Additional lighting, power supplies
    • Led spot on arm (addition): € 54,10 TAV excl per spot.
    • Multiplug (addition): € 47,82 TAV excl per multiplug.
    • A basic power connection is included in your booth package. In case your require more power: 16A/230V/3,2 kW = € 117,60 – 32A/380V/10 kW = € 176,40 TAV excl – 63A/380V/22 kW = € 235,20 TAV excl.
  • Plants:
    • Palm tree, 170 cm = € 63,06 TAV excl.
    • Small decoration plant = € 33,96 TAV excl.

A standard connection to the electricity grid is provided and is included in the rental fee. However, we kindly advise to bring or order sufficient extension cords and junction boxes with you so that you can connect to the electricity grid easily. Extension cords and junction boxes are NOT available at the FMCCA.

Badges, Access and Registration
Deadline: April 19th
Upon receiving the confirmation code, you will receive a link to register the employees or staff members for your booth.
A conference registration (R-2-L– Limited Conference Registration) is included in the fee paid for the exhibition booth, for 1 or 2 persons, respectively for 6m² or 12m² booths.

General Rules & Disclaimers

  • All activities organised by companies involving participants in EuCNC 2024 are to be decided on in consultation with both the Organising and the Scientific Committees.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the exhibition floor plans if necessary.
  • Distribution of drinks and meals must be in compliance with the rules of the FMCCA, which has its own caterer.
  • Liability: in participating in EuCNC 2024 as a sponsor, companies agree that neither EuCNC 2024, the Organising Committee nor the Secretariat assume any liability whatsoever. Companies are requested to make their own arrangements in respect of insurance and organisation of their booth.
  • In case of “Force Majeure” neither EuCNC 2024 as the organisers, nor Medicongress accept any liability.
  • The organisers do not, in any manner, endorse any of the company product claims displayed or services provided in the exhibition during EuCNC 2024. The information given and the activities organised by companies are under their own full responsibility.
  • By reserving a booth or sponsorship through the Reservation Contract, companies agree that they will not make any legal claims against EuCNC 2024, the Organising Committee, Congress Organisers, MediCongress, the Local Organisers, FMCCA, etc.
  • The general rules of the FMCCA are applicable to all sponsorship.

Terms of Payment
The Congress Secretariat will send an email confirming exhibition space and/or other sponsorship items as well as an invoice for a non-refundable payment of the total amount of the booking. This invoice is to be paid within 30 days. If not paid in time, the exhibition space and other sponsorship items become vacant again. Please clearly mention the invoice number on all payments.

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