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Transparency and accountability are treasured values these days, and are becoming a must on what organisations and people do concerning decisions that affect others. EuCNC & 6G Summit is guided by these values, hence, in what follows, one presents the key data on the conference scientific metrics:

Overall Registrations

  •  in-person
  •  remote
  •  total

Papers in Regular Sessions

  •   submitted
  • % accepted
  • evaluated by TPC (all members)

Extended Abstracts in Poster Sessions

  •   submitted
  • % accepted
  • evaluated by TPC (some members)

Special Sessions Proposals

  •  submitted
  • % accepted
  • evaluated by Special Sessions Chairs

Workshops Proposals

  •  submitted
  • % accepted
  • evaluated by Workshop Chairs

Tutorials Proposals

  •   submitted
  • % accepted
  • evaluated by Tutorials Chairs

Review of Papers in Regular Sessions

  •   – minimum reviews per paper
  •   – average reviews per paper
  •   – number of TPC members
  •   – countries of affiliation of TPC members
  •   – TPC members from Europe, Middle East and Africa
  •   – TPC members from Asia / Pacific
  •   – TPC members from the Americas

TPC – Technical Programme Committee, in charge of the reviews of Papers in Regular Sessions.

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