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Gothenburg Official Touristic Guide

Gothenburg is located on the West Coast of Sweden and has one of the Worlds finest Archipeligos, inland there is a rich array of nature with fine woodlands and lakes. the city has exciting museums, interesting sights, lots of activities and an amazing archipelago. Discover Gothenburg! Gothenburg’s Official Visitor’s Guide – goteborg.com

West Sweden

There are many well-known places to visit in West Sweden, and even more, you’ve not heard of yet, to discover. This link will take you to the official tourist guide for West Sweden where you will find tips for the best-hidden places of interest. West Sweden is made up of the main areas Bohuslän, Dalsland & Västergötland and the city of Gothenburg is the main city & the second largest city in Sweden. Experience West Sweden and Gothenburg (vastsverige.com)


Over 20 islands with an endless amount of gems to discover. The archipelago of Gothenburg stretches along the coast like a string of pearls. You don’t have to travel far from the city to find charming villages, stunning nature and beaches. Seal safaris, sea-fishing and boat excursions are just some of the activities available here. The Gothenburg archipelago – unique experiences year-round (goteborg.com)

Parks & Gardens

The compact city centre makes it easy to get to the parks & gardens such as the Slottsskogen Park and the Botanical Garden, which is one of the largest and best botanical gardens in Europe. In and in the near vicinity of Gothenburg there are plenty of green spaces to appreciate and relax in. Parks & Gardens (goteborg.com)

Cuisine & Places to Eat

Gothenburg has a large array of cafes, bars and restaurants which offer all the worldly cuisine of any modern metropolis.  With one of the Worlds biggest archipelagoes on the doorstep, Gothenburg has an abundance of fine & fresh shellfish. Eat & Drink (goteborg.com)

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