Webcasting recordings from all the streamed Plenary sessions – Opening session, Kenyotes, Panels and Closing session of EuCNC & 6G Summit 2023.

Opening  & Welcome Addresses

Magnus Frodigh

Vice President & Head of Research, Ericsson, SE

“6G – Connecting a cyber-physical world”

Panel 1 – “Speeding up digitalization and closing digital divide in 6G era”

Panel 2 – “Dialogue with Industry Leaders”

Panel 5 – “Careers in Practicing and Research Engineering”

Ted Rappaport

New York Univ., US

“Looking towards the 6G era – what may we expect, and why”

Peter Vetter

President of Bell Labs Core Research, Nokia, US

Takehiro Nakamura

Senior Vice-president NTT DOCOMO, JP

“6G getting into next gear”

Panel 3 – “Sustainability challenges and opportunities for 6G”

Andrea Conti

Professor, University of Ferrara, IT

“Localization-of-Things towards 6G Ecosystems”

Wen Tong

CTO, Huawei Wireless, Huawei Technologies, CA

“On the Convergence Route for 6G”

Panel 4 – “Research Challenges and Opportunities in 6G”

Closing Session

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