PHY – Physical Layer and Fundamentals

  • New air interfaces
  • New waveforms and full-duplex
  • Beyond 5G & 6G and THertz communications
  • New modulation and coding techniques
  • New antenna arrays and antenna types
  • Reconfigurable radios and new radio heads
  • Massive and Ultra-Massive MIMO
  • AI/ML in the PHY Layer
  • Propagation and channels at mmWaves and THertz

WOS – Wireless, Optical and Satellite Networks

  • Beyond 5G & 6G access and core networks
  • Advances in M2M, WSN, IoT networks
  • Next generation passive optical networks
  • New optical network architectures
  • New optical switching paradigms
  • Optical/Wireless convergence
  • Satellite and terrestrial networks convergence
  • VLEO satellite systems and networks
  • Communications for unmanned platforms (UxV)
  • Time-sensitive networking for industrial communications
  • Communications for navigation and observation
  • Green wireless/optical/satellite networks
  • AI/ML for wireless/0ptical/satellite networks
  • Short-range THz communication networks

RAS – Radio Access and Softwarisation

  • Spectrum management and reutilization
  • Reconfigurable and energy efficient RRM
  • Cognitive and green radio
  • Modular and reconfigurable MAC
  • Massive random access
  • Soft-RAN and fronthauling
  • Radio slicing and virtualization
  • Wireless edge caching
  • Radio access architectures

VAP – Vertical Applications and Internet of Things

  • Factory automation and industrial IoT solutions
  • Autonomous driving and V2X solutions
  • Facilitating AI/ML capabilities for IoT devices, robotics, and sensors
  • Critical communications and public safety
  • Smart farming and environmental monitoring
  • Digital health and wellbeing
  • Smart cities, smart grids, and smart homes. Localisation and location-based services
  • IoT for Digital Twins
  • Tactile IoT and high quality multimedia
  • Emerging business models and IoT service management
  • Networks and services enabled by integrating IoT, 5G/6G, and AI at the edge
  • Energy-efficiency and ubiquitous connectivity for massive IoT

NET – Network Softwarisation

  • New network protocols and architectures
  • Cognitive network management
  • Programmable networks
  • Software defined networking
  • (Edge) Network virtualisation and slicing
  • Smart function and service orchestration
  • AI/ML in service provisioning
  • Fog and Edge Intelligence
  • Data aware networks and overlays
  • Network operating system
  • Quality (QoE and QoS) aware networking
  • Security, trust and privacy
  • AI/ML aided network automation

OPE – Operational & Experimental Insights

  • Beyond 5G trials and experiments
  • Large-scale open testbeds and experiments
  • Evaluation and analysis of experimental data
  • Deployment insights from verticals
  • Plug-and-play deployments and experiments
  • Advanced wireless platforms and testbeds
  • Network applications for test and production deployments
  • Network forensics, network instrumentation
  • Data driven network design and optimisation
  • Next Generation Internet architectures and experimentation

CME – Components and Microelectronics

  • Hardware/Software co-design and implementation
  • Components for mmWave and beyond
  • Secure & energy efficient communications components for Connected & Automated Mobility
  • New devices for edge intelligence
  • Advanced connectivity for IoT
  • Novel MIMO & wideband mmWave devices
  • RF front-end and THz techniques
  • Hardware & software co-design for network security
  • Antenna design and integration
  • RIS components and integration
  • Sub-6GHz and mmWave power amplifiers
  • Low power silicon RF, incl wake up
  • Next generation of DSP, including RISC V & ASIP
  • Edge AI component technologies
  • Digital HW architecture for ultra-high speed and/or ultra-low latency PHY
  • Proof of concepts, evaluation and analysis of experimental data

6ET – 6G Enabling Technologies

  • Technologies for Tbps transmission
  • 3D imaging and sensing with localization
  • New transceiver architectures and computing paradigms
  • New component technologies and materials
  • Telepresence and mixed reality
  • ML/AI for autonomous systems optimisation
  • Massive IoT
  • New security paradigms
  • Novel network architectures
  • Connectivity for remote areas
  • 6G Spectrum
  • Blockchain technology in mobile networks
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Edge intelligence
  • Semantic communications
  • Goal-oriented communications
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in wireless systems

6GV – 6G Visions

Leading experts from telecommunications industry, operators, vertical sectors, regulatory bodies, academia, public sector and other key stakeholder groups are invited to give thought-provoking presentations on 6G visions including technical, business, regulation, and standardisation aspects of 6G research and development. For this track, full paper and extended abstract submissions are welcomed, and part of the presentations will be by invitation.

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