PHY – Physical Layer and Fundamentals

  • Beyond 5G & 6G and THz communications
  • Reconfigurable radios and new radio heads
  • Massive and Ultra-Massive MIMO
  • AI/ML in the PHY Layer
  • Propagation & channels at mm Waves & THz
  • New air interfaces, waveforms, modulation & coding techniques
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
  • Semantic communications
  • Radio based localization, sensing and mapping
  • Physical layer security
  • 6G Spectrum

WOS – Wireless, Optical and Satellite Networks

  • Beyond 5G & 6G access and core networks
  • Advances in M2M, WSN, IoT networks
  • Next generation passive optical networks
  • Satellite and terrestrial networks convergence
  • VLEO satellite systems and networks
  • Communications for unmanned platforms (UxV)
  • TSN for industrial communications
  • Communications for navigation and observation
  • Green wireless/optical/satellite networks
  • AI/ML for wireless/optical/satellite networks
  • Novel network architectures

RAS – Radio Access and Softwarisation

  • Spectrum management and reutilisation
  • Cognitive/ intelligent and green radio
  • Configurable radio, resources & SDR
  • Energy efficient RRM, radio slicing and virtualisation
  • Wireless edge caching
  • Radio access architectures

AIU – Applications, IoT, Use cases

  • Factory automation and industrial IoT solutions
  • Autonomous driving and V2X solutions
  • Critical communications and public safety
  • Smart farming and environmental monitoring
  • Digital health and wellbeing
  • Emerging business models
  • IoT service management
  • Telepresence and mixed reality

NET – Network Softwarisation

  • Cognitive network management
  • Programmable networks
  • Software defined networking
  • AI/ML in service provisioning
  • Data aware networks and overlays
  • Network operating system
  • Quality (QoE and QoS) aware networking
  • Security, trust and privacy
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Blockchain technology in mobile networks
  • Mobile edge computing
  • ML/AI for autonomous systems optimisation

OPE – Operational & Experimental Insights

  • Beyond 5G and 6G trials and experiments
  • Large-scale open testbeds and experiments
  • Evaluation and analysis of experimental data
  • Deployment insights from verticals
  • Plug-and-play deployments and experiments
  • Network forensics & network instrumentation
  • Next Generation Internet architectures and experimentation

CMA – Components, Microelectronics & Antennas

  • Novel MIMO & wideband mm Wave devices
  • Components for mm Wave and beyond
  • Antenna design & integration
  • Antenna systems and architectures
  • Design and technologies for array antennas
  • RIS components & integration
  • RF front-end and THz techniques
  • Low power silicon RF, including wake up
  • Next generations DSP, incl. RISC V & ASIP
  • Edge AI component technologies
  • Digital HW architecture for ultra-high speed and/or ultra-low latency PHY
  • New component technologies and materials

6VS – 6G Visions and Sustainability

  • Key performance and key value indicators
  • Life cycle assessment techniques for 6G techniques and use cases
  • Stakeholder groups are invited to submit thought-provoking 6G visions. Both extended abstracts (not included in IEEE Xplore) and full papers are welcome
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