2nd  5G in the Era of Connected Cars

Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 8:30 -13:00, room R2
  • Roberto Riggio (FBK, Italy)
  • François Fischer (ERTICO, Belgium)
  • Jesus Alonso-Zarate (CTTC, Spain)


Motivation and Background

Both the telecom and the automotive industries are going through profound transformations these day. The automotive industry is evolving towards a vision where cars are becoming autonomous and wirelessly connected to cooperate with each other for a safer and more efficient driving.

5G is regarded as the key technology that will empower this transition. For the success of such a revolution, it is necessary that both the telecom and the automotive industry cooperate together to shape the future by addressing all the challenges that connected, cooperative and autonomous mobility (CCAM) brings into the innovation arena.

The goal of this workshop is to bring both experts and projects from automotive and the mobile communications industries to discuss on the successful path towards CCAM services with the use of 5G technologies. The challenges and the approaches to reduce the uncertainties of a 5G deployment, in multi-country, multi-operator, multi-vendor, and multi-car-manufacturer scenarios, will be discussed and analysed. The validation via trials and the optimization of 5G technologies for CCAM services are additional topics of the workshop to pave the way for the preparation of commercial deployments.



8:3015OpeningEC+WS Chairs
8:4515Keynote: “Making connected cars a reality with 5G”Maxime Flament, 5GAA
9:00155GCAR, and the role of 5G in automotive industryMikael Fallgren, Ericsson5GCAR
9:1515C-V2X trial activities in 5G-DRIVETao Chen, VTT5G-DRIVE
9:3015CCAM progressed by Internet of ThingFrancois Fischer, ERTICOAUTOPILOT
9:4530Coffee break
10:15155G for Connected and Automated Mobility in the European unionNRoberto Riggio, FBK5G-CARMEN
10:30155G-CARMEN and Greta – touching the next frontier in entirely new societal benefitsWalter Aigner, HiTec5G-CARMEN
10:45155G Cross-Border CCAM in France-Germany-Luxembourg CorridorJesus Alonso-Zarate, CTTC5GCroCo
11:00155GCroCo Tests and Trials: User Stories and 5G TechnologiesDirk Hetzer, DTAG5GCroCo
11:15155G enabled CCAM at Greece – Turkey x-border corridorPanagiotis Demestichas, WINGS-ICT5G-MOBIX
11:30155G enabled CCAM at Spain-Portugal x-border corridorJosé Santa, University of Murcia5G-MOBIX
11:4530A Timeline for C-V2XAshok Tipirneni , QUALCOMM
12:1545PanelRoberto Riggio, FBK (moderator)