5G-PPP Phase 3 introduction & ICT-19-2018 info-session

Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 16:30-18:00, Linhart hall
Session Chair:
  • David Kennedy (Eurescom, Germany)

The 3 ICT-17 5G Infrastructure projects have been selected and in this session project representatives are invited to give an overview of their plans. This will be preliminary information on the infrastructure(s) and trials they will assemble and operate as the projects are not formally started yet.
Their ambitions are directly relevant for anybody considering submitting a proposal under ICT-19 in November 2018. We will use this opportunity to let people start to link their trial ideas to the infrastructures that will be available. The dialogue initiated in this session will continue through another information day in September and direct contacts with these projects until the ICT-19 proposals are submitted.

Part 1: 5G-PPP Phase 3 Introduction of new Infrastructure projects
16:30  Introduction:  Bernard Barani (European Commission)
 Colin Wilcock (  5G-Industry Association)
16:45 5G EVE  Anastasius Gavras (Eurescom, Germany)
 16:55  5G-VINNI  Pål Grønsund (Telenor, Norway)
  17:05 5GENESIS  Dr. Harilaos Koumaras (NCSR Demokritos, IIT, Greece)
 17: 20    Q & A Session     with the representatives of the new projects and the EC
 Part 2: ICT-19-2018 info-day
17:35 Ambition of ICT 19 Pavlos Fournogerakis (European Commission)
17:45 Pre-structuring concept for ICT 19          Didier Bourse ( 5G-Industry Association)
17:55 Announcement of the 5G-PPP Brokerage service for ICT-19 2018
18:00 End of session