Unlocking the 5G potential for smart energy grids

Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 11:30-13:00, Štih hall
Session Chair:
  • Massimo Bertoncini (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italy)

Smart Energy represents one of the most promising vertical sectors for 5G enabling technologies. 5G has the potential to grant better integration and management of renewable energy sources into existing power supply infrastructures, enable advanced metering applications to end-users, and permit to unlock totally new business models in the energy domain. At the same time, the Smart Energy vertical stands as one of the most challenging candidates to validate advanced 5G capabilities, as its applications have strict requirements arising from the Massive BroadBand (xMBB), Massive Machine-Type Communication (mMTC), and Critical Machine-Type Communication (uMTC) use cases. In that respect, the special session has the purpose of describing the core use cases enabled by 5G in the context of the Smart Energy, and the related 5G architectural requirements.

  • Invited Talk: How Smart Energy grids may gain benefits from 5G: SUCCESS, RESERVE and SOGNO projects – G. Lipari (RTWH Aachen, GER);
  • Invited Talk: 5G for smart energy grids – a use case oriented overview – M. Bertoncini (Engineering, ITA);
  • 5G-Cognitive Drone System for Preventive Maintenance in Energy Infrastructures – N. Sanchez, J. M. Lalueza (Visiona, ES), A. Voulkidis (Power Operations Ltd., UK), T. Zahariadis (TEISTE, GR), D. Barthel, A. Frederic (ENGIE Ineo, FR);
  • Smart Energy as a Service Network Architecture – T. Zahariadis, S.Voliotis, H.C. Leligou, P. Trakadas, (TEISTE, GR), M. R. Spada (Wind Tre S.P.A, IT), A. Gonos (OPTIMUM SA, GR);
  • NRG-5: Synergies to Improve the 5G Ecosystem – M. R. Spada (Wind Tre S.P.A, IT), A. Corsi, G. Fiorentino (Engineering, IT), F. Rebecchi (Thales, FR).