Call for Tutorials

In this new VIRTUAL format, there will be no Tutorials


A full list of topics is available here.

Tutorials may address one or more Tracks, but they should be organised under a unified theme.

Tutorials proposals should be submitted via a specific template, available below.

Proposers should provide information on the Title, Duration, Motivation and Background, Structure, and associated Bibliography.  Additional information on previous editions can also be provided, if applicable.

The proposal must be submitted from 2020 Jan. 13th until the deadline on 2020 Feb. 7th21th to

Tutorials lectures are offered one EuCNC Limited General registration (R02).

Tutorials may extend for either a full- or a half-day, and they will be held in the day previous to conference start, i.e., 2020 Jun. 15th.

Tutorials will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
– Relevance
– Timeliness
– Technical content
– Novelty
– Overall Recommendation


Key Dates

2020 Feb. 7 21

Deadline for Submission of Tutorials (deadline extended)

2020 Mar. 20

Notification of acceptance tutorials

2020 May 15

Tutorials presentations submission



Physical Layer and Fundamentals


Radio Access and Softwarisation


Wireless, Optical and Satellite Networks


Network Softwarisation


Vertical Applications and Internet of Things


Operational & Experimental Insights