About the City

The 2020 edition of the EuCNC was supposed to be located in Dubrovnik.

History is alive in every part of this city – as museum city and at the same time a live stage, it represents a perfect cross between the past and the present.

Every nook and cranny of this Pearl of the Adriatic, as it is known, hides a treasure. Dubrovnik is surrounded by 1940 meters of unique medieval ramparts preserved in their original form and open to visitors as the citys flagship attraction. Protected by UNESCO World Heritage status since 1979, Dubrovnik can boast one of the first such listings in Croatia.

Its rich history, geographic location, mild climate and traditional hospitality and excellence in tourism make Dubrovnik a recognized high quality product on the international tourism markets. Dubrovnik is Croatias undisputed convention centre with the more conventions, congresses and corporate incentive programmes and better figures in this segment of tourism than any other location in the country. The city is a destination of culture, as witnessed by its many festivals, prestigious art happenings, major open air events, excellent artists and athletes, and, last but not least, its architectural treasures.



Go to the market place – the very stomach of the City – smell, touch and taste the food that local people consume every day; simple, organic, and seasoned with olive oil… Dubrovnik delicacies are simple and usually prepared with only few spices that do not harm the natural taste of the food. Even the most reputable chefs who visit the local farmer’s markets cannot resist the taste and smell of local products from the City’s surroundings – Župa Dubrovačka, Konavle, Primorje… The area abounds in fruits of earth and sun, you can choose among the many kinds of delicious vegetables, including artichokes, aubergines, asparagus, broad beans, courgettes, courgette fl owers, diff erent varieties of cabbage, diff erent fruits like pomegranates, melons, figs, plums and an endemic sort of grapes called ‘krivaja’.

Fine dining restaurants and young creative chefs serve the freshest seafood from the depths of the Adriatic, the world-famous oysters from Mali Ston, and meat specialities alike.