Both Croatia and Dubrovnik are known to be very safe and welcoming destinations for both business and leisure travellers.


Getting to Dubrovnik by plane

Dubrovnik Airport is about 20 kilometres from Dubrovnik.

Upon arrival at Dubrovnik Airport, there is bus service to Dubrovnik 30 minutes after each regularly scheduled flight which takes passengers to Pile by the entrance to the Old City and then continues to the main bus station located in Gruž.

Upon departure, the bus leaves the main bus station in Gruž 1.5 hours before each domestic flight within Croatia, while for international flights it departs the main bus station 2 hours before the flight. When leaving Dubrovnik, the airport bus stops in front of the Grawe building on Dr. Ante Starčević street and in front of the cable car station in Petra Krešimira IV street.

You can check the exact time of departure for the airport bus on the carrier’s website, which is listed below, as well as in Tourist Information Centres and at hotel reception desks.

Bus tickets can be purchased at the main bus station or from the bus driver. One-way tickets cost 55 kuna and return tickets are 80 kuna.

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Getting to Dubrovnik by bus

The bus terminal in Dubrovnik is located in Gruž near the port where, besides the information and sales office, passengers can find a wardrobe, taxi stand, and sales kiosk. One of the information offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board (Port of Dubrovnik building) and a Konzum supermarket are located nearby. In addition to international lines, there are daily intercity lines to all major cities in Croatia.

The only wardrobe that you can leave your luggage at in Dubrovnik is located at the main bus terminal.

The bus terminal is well connected with other parts of the city by regular bus lines, and taxi services are always at your disposal.

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Bus Terminal Dubrovnik

Tel: 060 305 070


Libertas Dubrovnik

Tel: 020 357 020


Getting to Dubrovnik by boat

Dubrovnik is connected to the ports of Split, Brač, Hvar, Korčula and Lastovo by seasonal boat routes. Dubrovnik also has regular boat transfers to nearby islands (Lokrum, Koločep, Lopud, Šipan, Mljet).

The distance from Gruž Port to the Old City is 4 kilometres. Located near Gruž Port are: the Jadrolinija office, banks, ATMs, currency exchange, parking, a Konzum supermarket and the Srđ department store, an outdoor market, Hotel Petka, several tourist agencies, car rental and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Information Office.

The bus ticket price is 15 kuna if you buy it on the bus and 12 kuna at newsstands.

If you decide to use a taxi service, the taxi stand is located near the port and the fare to the Old City is around 75 kuna. You will pay 2 kuna per piece of luggage.


Getting to Dubrovnik by car

If you enjoy seeing new landscapes, Dubrovnik can be reached from Central and Western Europe in several ways; please select from the following:

From Western Europe:

  1. Via Rijeka – motorway and continental road:
    Rijeka – Senj – Žuta Lokva – Gospić – Dugopolje – Vrgorac – Ploče (motorway) – Dubrovnik.
  2. Combination of Adriatic Highway (coastal road) and motorway:
    Rijeka – Senj – Karlobag – Maslenica – Split – Makarska – Ploče (motorway) – Dubrovnik.
    There are many different combinations using coastal roads and sections of the motorway. If taking the Adriatic Highway, one can enjoy the seaside scenery. The other option is taking the motorway, which passes through the continental part of the country, where the landscape is different, but no less picturesque.

From Central Europe:

  1. Via Zagreb
    Zagreb – Karlovac – Žuta Lokva – Gospić – Dugopolje – Vrgorac – Ploče (motorway) – Dubrovnik.
    It is possible to combine this route with the Adriatic Highway.
  2. Via Osijek (across Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Osijek – Slavonski Brod (or Brčko) – Sarajevo – Mostar – Metković – Dubrovnik /
    Sarajevo – Foča – Trebinje – Dubrovnik

Petrol stations in and around Dubrovnik are open from 07:00 to 22:00, while during the summer season the petrol stations in Kupari and Komolac are open 24 hours a day.


Transport in the city



All parts of the city of Dubrovnik are well connected by frequent, regular bus lines. City bus timetables are displayed at every major bus stop, and you can also get timetables at the Information Offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, at Libertas bus company kiosks, at hotel front desks, and the like.

Bus tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver (15,00 kuna), at Tisak newsstands (˝S˝ ticket – 12,00 kuna), at the Libertas bus company kiosks located at Pile, the Central Bus Terminal, the Pošta Lapad bus stop and in Mokošica, at hotel front desks and from travel agencies.

It is possible to purchase a ticket on the bus with exact change of 15 kuna.

The bus ticket is valid for exactly one hour from the moment of first use for an unlimited number of rides in the city.

It is also possible to buy a card (exclusively at Libertas bus company kiosks) that is valid for 24 hours beginning with the first use, and the price is 30,00 kuna.

The magnetic card payment system involves turning the front side of the ticket containing the magnetic strip towards you and inserting it into the ticket-machine on the bus, after which the ticket is returned to you.

If you have a contactless bus ticket, you merely press it against the sensor.

Local bus lines are the following numbers: 1A, 1B, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 17.

A map of the bus stations and city bus network can be found on the following website or in the Dubrovnik Riviera brochure found at the Information Offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, as well as at Libertas kiosks.



There are taxi stands in all of the busiest parts of the city and taxi service fares are clearly displayed with signs and taxi fares posted in a prominent place. The taximeter must be running from the start of the trip; if not, the customer is not obliged to pay the fare. A taxi normally accommodates a maximum of four people. Should you wish to lodge a complaint about service for any reason, get a receipt from the driver with a valid stamp, with quoted service and the licence plates number.  Note: there are three taxi companies in Dubrovnik, therefore it is necessary to have the proper contact for your complaint. You may like to take a taxi for a memorable panoramic tour of the City and its surroundings. Such a tour usually includes a drive to the new bridge off ering a view of Gruž Harbour, Lapad, The Rijeka Dubrovačka and the islands. You may continue the tour along the Adriatic Highway with a view over the entire City, and go to the top of Mount Srdj (415 metres) above the town and enjoy the superb view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. You may also arrange a whole or half day excursion to the surroundings of Dubrovnik in agreement with the driver (,, PlaviTaxiDubrovnik).


Car, scooters, bike and boat hire

Many agencies in Dubrovnik provide hire services. Apart from cars, it is also possible to rent scooters, bicycles and boats. A rented vehicle will give you the freedom to explore the surroundings of Dubrovnik and the sights of the neighbouring countryside. Most of the agencies will ask you to present your credit card and your driving licence. For renting a motorcycle over 50 cc you will need a category A driving licence. For renting a boat you need a valid skipper licence.



Tourist information office:


Information offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board can be found at Pile and at Gruž. Offices located in Lapad, Zaton in Dubrovnik Airport and on the islands of Lopud and Šipan are open seasonally.


Brsalje 5

Tel: +385 20 312011, Fax: +385 20 322065


Working hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 9 pm


Obala Ivana Pavla II, br. 1

Tel/Fax: +385 20 417983


Working hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8.00am – 9.00 pm


Masarykov put 2, Dvori Lapad

Tel/Fax: +385 20 437460


Working hours:

Monday to Friday 8.00 am- 8.00 pm

Saturday, Sunday  9.00 am to 12.00 am – 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm