Organising Committee

General Co-Chairs

Pearse O’Donohue

European Commision, BE

Miguel Almeida


Steering Committee Chairs

Luis M. Correia (Chair)

IST – Univ. Lisbon, PT

Matti Latva-aho (Vice-Chair)

Univ. Oulu, FI

Bernard Barani (Vice-Chair)

European Commision, BE

Local Organising Committee

Manuel Ricardo

Univ. Porto/INESC TEC,PT                              Local Organiser and TPC Chair

Rui Campos

Univ. Porto/INESC TEC, PT                                  Local Organiser and TPC Vice-Chair

Filipe Ribeiro

INESC TEC, PT       Financial Co-Chair

Esa Posio

Univ. Oulu, FI                    Financial Co-Chair

Lídia Vilas Boas

INESC TEC, PT               Local Arrangement Co-Chair

Renata Rodrigues

INESC TEC, PT              Local Arrangements Co-Chair

Catarina Carvalho

INESC TEC, PT          Communication Co-Chair

Hanna Saarela

Univ. Oulu, FI          Communication Co-Chair

Ema Catarré

INOV-INESC, PT Webmaster Chair

Helder Fontes

INESC TEC, PT               EDAS Co-Chair

Madhusanka Llyanage

Univ. Oulu, FI                   EDAS Co-Chair and Publications Co-Chair

Luís Pessoa

INESC TEC, PT                Publications Co-Chair

Filipe B. Teixeira

INESC TEC/Univ. Porto, PT                       Publicity Chair and Virtual Conference Chair

Sallamaari Syrjä

Univ. Oulu, FI               Graphic Designer

Pedro Regadas

INESC TEC, PT               Graphic Designer

Contact information can be found at the Contacts page.