Call for Special Sessions

Proposals for Special Sessions are invited by 2021/02/21

Virtual (Porto, Portugal)


A full list of topics is available here.

Special Sessions may address one or more Tracks, but they should be organised under a unified theme.  Special Sessions are intended to allow projects or any other group of authors to present their own work.

Special Sessions may include one invited speaker, besides papers.  Proposers are responsible for defining the full contents of the Special Session, namely the authors and presenters.  It is not expected that open calls for papers are launched for Special Sessions, in order to attract authors or presenters.

Special Sessions papers can be either Extended Abstracts (2 pages) or Full Papers (5 pages), and should be reviewed by the Special Sessions organisers.  These papers will be part of the Conference Proceedings, but they will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

Special Sessions proposals should be submitted via a specific template, available below.  Proposers should provide information on the Title, Duration, Motivation and Background, and Structure.  Additional information on specific promotion can also be provided, if applicable.

Registration for all participants and speakers in the Special Sessions is for free but mandatory.

Special Sessions extend for a conference time-slot, i.e., 1h30, and they will be held during the conference, in parallel to regular sessions.

Special Sessions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
– Relevance
– Timeliness
– Technical content
– Novelty
– Overall Recommendation

The proposal must be submitted from 2021 Jan.4th until the deadline on 2021 Jan.29th Feb.12th 21th, to

The name of the file should be the Special Session title (abbreviated, if necessary).

Key Dates

2021 Jan. 29 Feb.12 21

Deadline for submission of Special Sessions

2021 Mar. 12 19

Notification of acceptance of Special Sessions

2021 Apr. 16 23

Special Sessions papers submission deadline

2021 Apr. 23

Authors registration deadline



Physical Layer and Fundamentals


Wireless, Optical and Satellite Networks


Radio Access and Softwarisation


Vertical Applications and Internet of Things


Network Softwarisation


Operational & Experimental Insights


Components and Microelectronics


6G Enabling Technologies


6G Visions