From Cloud-ready to Cloud-native transformation

Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 8:30 -13:00, room R8
  • Bessem Sayadi (Nokia Bell-Labs, France)


Motivation and Background

The softwarization of the network is focused on the virtualization, decoupling the HW from the SW to lower the cost of network and service operation and to reduce the time to market for new services while introducing higher flexibility. In addition, virtualization of networking systems offers a multitude of benefits for telecommunication and datacenter operators by decoupling network functions from proprietary hardware as well as decoupling services from propriety service platforms.
In the same time, the cloud has disrupted the established order in many sectors. And the reason is simple. With it, companies have been able to reduce the investment in their internal data centers in favor of unlimited computing resources, available on demand and billed for use. From now on, the competitiveness of a company depends directly on its capacity to quickly realize new ideas. Start-ups understand this well, so they rely on native cloud approaches to disrupt traditional sectors. It becomes obvious that innovations should be made cloud-native for being successful where the functions are designed for a cloud environment rather than packaged up and deployed onto it.
Cloud-native is an approach to build and run applications that fully exploit the benefits of the cloud computing model. The Cloud-native approach is the way applications are created and deployed, not where they are executed. It includes things like services architectures, infrastructure as a code, automation, continuous integration/delivery pipelines, observability/monitoring tools, etc
A research ecosystem of horizontal and vertical R&D actions is being formed, which examines the transformation from cloud ready to cloud native in the telco world. A carrier-grade enhancement to the Telco cloud native platform is required to provide better-than-IT performance in par or better than what is possible with classical telco platforms. Features like five-nine reliability, stateless microservices, etc should be supported in the Telco cloud native. A fast virtualization and programmability across all networking domains: from core to edge and access, from wired/optical to wireless, cellular and also satellite, is also considered.
The workshop is not only about 5G technologies and their implementation – with, for instance, Cloud-RAN, functional split and resource management techniques in 5G – but also about the whole service-based technology relevant to 5G in the cloud-native transformation. A service-based technology, by definition, offers hardware and/or software resources provided as a service over a network.
This open workshop aims at reinforcing this European research ecosystem by strengthening the liaison between the participating projects, facilitating the exchange of ideas and helping each research group to take advantage of the results produced by other projects, improving focus of innovation and aligning towards common goals and milestones, thus maximizing the overall impact. The workshop will promote and stimulate the discussion about development of new research directions for building a stronger abstraction layer for the cloud, programmable infrastructure, cognitive management, flexible programmability of 5G networks services, managing application lifecycle in the cloud, etc
The workshop is endorsed by the Software Networks Working Group of the 5G-PPP ( and supported by participating projects and partners.
The participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share hands-on experience and solutions and discuss research results. The workshop will aim in extending collaborations and paving common exploitation strategies. The structure of the workshop is based on invited presentation of 5G-PPP projects that operate on the same focus area, followed by breakout sessions on particular subjects allowing immediate interaction between the delegates and facilitating the exchange of expertise and best practices in the field.
The workshop will invite a Keynote to talk about the cloud transformation in Telco.



The workshop will be structured as follows:

  • Session 1:
    • Keynote presentation ‘’Cloud Native 5G Virtual Network Functions: Design Principles and Use Cases’’, Sofiane Imadali, Orange Labs Networks, 5G-EVE (30min) + Q&A (10min)
    • Presentation of 5G-PPP Software Network WG White Paper: “Verticals in the Cloud-Native Era’ (15min) + Q&A (5min), Bessem Sayadi, Nokia (5G-PPP Software Network WG Chair)
  • Session 2:
    • Theme: Cloud Native best practices
      • Josep Martrat (ATOS, ES), “Cloud-native Immersive Media pilot deployment using SONATA”, 5G-TANGO
      • Anastasios Zafeiropoulos (Ubitech, GR), ‘’Cloud native applications design and deployment’’, MATILDA
      • Marius Iordache (Orange, RO), “Cloud-native approach for a 5G use-case implementation based on network slicing” + technical paper “SliceNet Programmable Data Plane Control in 5G Network Slicing”, SLICENET
  • Coffee Break
  • Session 3:
    • Theme: Cloud Native best practices, Cont’d
      • Hadi Razzaghi (UPB, DE), “Kubernetes and OpenStack to support multi-version service chaining”, 5G-PICTURE
      • Antonello Corsi (ENG, IT), “Progress towards cloud native paradigm for the energy domain services based on VNFs”, NRG5
      • David Breitgand (IBM, IL) and David Griffin (UCL, UK),” Cognitive Network Optimization of Cloud-Native Media Applications”, 5G-MEDIA
  • Session 4:
    • Theme: Cloud Native as an enabler for Access, Transport, Core
      • Thomas Deiss (Nokia, DE), “Cloud native and RAN”, 5G-TRANSFORMER
      • Ilhem Fajjari (Orange, FR)), “Telco-grade Kubernetes”, NGPaaS
      • Apostolos Papageorgiou (i2cat, ES), “Slicing-aware service orchestration”, 5G-CITY
  • Wrap-up and next steps