Short interviews during the conference.

Narcis Cardona

EuCNC 2019 Host and TPC Chair

Tired but happy by the end at EuCNC 2019!

Vlatko Lipovac

EuCNC 2020 Host, Univ. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Invitation to EuCNC 2020

Panagiotis Demestichas

Univ. Piraeus, Greece

The takeaways of the panel on Beyond 5G and Artificial Intelligence

Bernard Barani

EC, Belgium

The EC’s view on EuCNC 2019

Peiying Zhu


A view on 5G

Peter Hermann

CELTIC Office Director

The CELTIC View on EuCNC

Juan Serrano


Orange’s view on 5G

Antoni Mas

Rohde & Schwarz

R&S view on 5G

Ralph Stuebner

COST Office, Belgium

COST: a regular “costumer” of EuCNC

Colin Willcock

Chairman of the Board, 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA), Belgium

The view from the 5G IA

Bengt Sahlin

Research Leader, Network Security, Ericsson Research NomadicLab, Sweden

The take aways of the pannel on security

Per Lenne

Telenor, Norway

An operator’s view on 5G

Gerhard P. Fettweis

Vodafone Chair Professor – TU Dresden, and CEO Barkhausen Institut, Germany

Still the chalenges for 5G

Ulrich Dropmann

Head of Standardization, Bell Labs – CTO, Nokia, Germany

5G Standardisation evolution

Mansoon Hanif


A regulator’s view

Manuel Ricardo

Univ. Porto/INESC TEC, Portugal

A view on 5G

Afif Osseiran

Ericsson AB, Sweden

The Takeaways of the Panel on Beyond 5G

Johannes Springer

Lead 5G@Automotive Program Deutsche Telekom AG,Deutsche Telekom AG/T-Systems International and 5GAA (5G Automotive Association), Director General, Germany

5G and Cars communicating

John M. Cioffi

Chairman/CEO ASSIA Inc. , EE Professor Emeritus (recalled) Stanford University, USA

WiFi and 5G coming together

Pearse O’Donohue

Director for the Future Networks, DG CONNECT, EC & Conference General Co-Chair

Overview on the 5G Week

EUCNC 2019 & Global 5G Event – Enabling smart connectivity for the digital future

EUCNC 2019 & Global 5G Event – 5G for Verticals

MEET Surprise in Valencia

EUCNC 2019 & Global 5G Event in Valencia

Narcis Cardona

Univ. Poly. Valencia, ES

An invitation to the EuCNC 2019