Exhibitors Guidelines

Exhibition in EuCNC 2019 & Global 5G Event

EuCNC 2019 is the 28th edition of a successful series of a technical conference in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the European Commission. The conference focuses on aspects including 5G communications systems and networks, cloud platforms, management technologies, and applications and services. EuCNC has become one of the most prominent communications and networking conferences in Europe that efficiently brings together cuttingedge research sphere and world-renown industries and businesses. This creates a unique opportunity to gain insights into latest scientific discoveries, deployment advancements and lessons learned as well as business opportunities and partnership potentials. The recent editions of EuCNC, held in Oulu (Finland) in 2017 and Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2018, have each gathered around 600 delegates and 40 exhibitors, hence making this event one of the most prominent ones in the field.

This edition of the conference is focused on Enabling Smart Connectivity, where 5G and beyond technologies play a central role in the future development of several vertical industries, such as smart cities, automotive, public protection and disaster relief, smart mobility, digital health, and more. European H2020 5G Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects’ results will be showcased, and the event will facilitate discussions about opportunities to leverage on recent 5G advancements in order to support the rollout of 5G in various verticals, based on the first deployment experiences.

EuCNC 2019 will be for the first time co-located with the 7th Global 5G Event (G5GE) on June 17th-18th. G5GE consists of a two days conference, discussion forum and 5G technology live demonstrations, and brings together the 5G industrial associations of the five continents: 5G-IA, IMT-2020, 5G-Forum, 5G-MF, 5G-Brasil and 5G-Americas.

The exhibition will be in parallel to the two events, presenting a wide range of technologies, products and results from European Commission co-funded projects. Prominent research institutions, SMEs as well as large industries from Europe and other parts of the world will be showcasing at EuCNC and Global 5G Event. The exhibition will be open from Monday, June 17th, 14h00, until Thursday, June 20th, 18h00.

By contributing to these events, you have the opportunity to maximise the gains by enjoying prominent exposure and visibility of your institution or company towards a large yet targeted audience and draw attention of key players in the field from all around the world.

EuCNC 2019 and the Global 5G Event are locally organised by the iTEAM Research Institute of the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia.

Exhibitions proposals should be submitted via a specific template, available below.

The Venue

The EuCNC and G5GE events will be held from Monday, June 17th to Friday, June 21st, 2019, at Palacio de Congresos de Valencia, awarded in 2018 and 2010 with the World’s Best Convention Centre prize given by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC). The building is an emblematic piece of architecture, designed by the renowned architect Norman Foster, specifically to attract event tourism to the city of Valencia.

The exhibition at EuCNC 2019 and Global 5G Event will take place in the main Ground Floor of the venue, which hosts the exhibition area, coffee breaks, and is at the entrances to the main conference halls. The natural light from the huge glass windows that give access to the gardens make this space a highly pleasant area, in which it is easy to create a favourable climate for networking. This year the exhibition area will be divided in areas, organised by technical topics.

Address of the venue:
Avda. Cortes Valencianas, nº 60
46015 Valencia (Spain)

Information about booths

Exhibition booths will be available at Global 5G Event and EuCNC 2019 for projects and research labs or industries. Regarding exhibition booths, standard format exhibition stands are planned, in the size of 6m2 and 12m2. The fees for each exhibitor type for the basic standard booth of 6m2, a booth of 12 m2 require to pay 2 fees, are:

Project Exhibitor Fee1: 1,200 € (excl. VAT)

  • Joint EuCNC & G5GE exhibition
  • 6 m² basic exhibition booth
  • 1 complimentary EuCNC & G5GE limited registration
  • Logo of the project in conference program and other marketing channels
  • Logo in conference web-site, APP and social networks pages (with link to project web-site)
  • APP: The APP includes one information screen per exhibitor, push notification services, functions for networking and interaction with event attendees.


Commercial Exhibitor Fee2: 2,500 € (excl. VAT)

  • Joint EuCNC & G5GE exhibition
  • 6 m² basic exhibition booth
  • 1 complimentary EuCNC & G5GE full registration
  • VIP table seats at Banquet
  • Logo in conference program and other marketing channels
  • Logo in conference web-site, APP and social networks pages (with link to company web-site)
  • APP: The APP includes one information screen per exhibitor, push notification services, functions for networking and interaction with event attendees.


SME Exhibitor Fee3: 800 € (excl. VAT)

  • Joint EuCNC & G5GE exhibition
  • 2 m² basic standing booth in Start-Ups exhibition area
  • 1 complimentary EuCNC & G5GE limited registration
  • APP: The APP includes one information screen per exhibitor, push notification services, functions for networking and interaction with event attendees.


Exhibitors (extra passes) Fee4: 350 € (incl. VAT)
Only if project, commercial or SME exhibitor fee is adquired, you can buy as many as you want.

  • Access to joint EuCNC & G5GE exhibition
  • G5GE Lunch, G5GE Coffee Breaks, Workshops/Tutorials Lunch, Workshops/Tutorials Coffee Breaks, Conference Lunches, Conference Coffee Breaks and Welcome Reception included.



1All rates are given in Euros, VAT excluded (currently at 21%)
2All rates are given in Euros, VAT excluded (currently at 21%)
3All rates are given in Euros, VAT excluded (currently at 21%)
4All rates are given in Euros, VAT included

Characteristics included in the basic exhibition booth per each 6 m²:

  • General Structure in silver color aluminium
  • White melamine walls
  • Top by aluminium net
  • Total height of the stand 240cm
  • Fair carpet
  • 2 LED spotlights
  • 1 connection base (up to 500W)
  • 1 magnetotermal box
  • 1 table, 2 chairs and 1 trash can

Characteristics included in the basicstanding booth SME of 2 m²:

  • Standing booth structure
  • White melamine panel of 240cm height
  • 1 aluminium white counter
  • Natural wood floor
  • LED spotlight (30W)
  • 1 connection base (up to 500W)
  • 1 magnetotermal box
  • Service desk
  • 1 chair
  • 1 printed logo of 1x1m from the exhibiting company

Additional equipment will be available for lease from the conference venue, including additional furniture, decoration, lighting and technical equipment. The offer will be available from within the conference registration system.

General information on setting up and dismantling stands




The exhibition will be open from Monday, June 17th, 14h00, until Friday, June 21st, 13h00.

Monday 17th June    14.00 h – 18.00 h
Tuesday 18th June       08.30 h – 18.00 h
Wednesday 19th June   08.30 h – 18.00 h
Thursday 20th June     08.30 h – 18.00 h
Friday 21st June  08.30 h – 13.00 h



General, access and parking

To ensure that stand set up and dismantling runs smoothly, please remember the following:

  • Drivers of delivery vehicles must access the loading bays via an ancillary access road behind the Conference Centre that leads directly to the loading/unloading area. The bays in turn lead directly to the back of the stages and auditoriums.
  • The ancillary access road is for loading/unloading only. No parking is allowed on this road.
  • The Valencia Conference Centre provides trolleys and a pallet jack for transporting goods to your stand.


a. All goods must be clearly marked with the name and date of the conference, the name of the company, or if necessary Organization, a contact telephone and the stand number the goods are to be delivered to.

b. Goods may be received up to 48 hours, or two working days, before the conference begins, depending on other events that may be taking place at the Centre. Please confirm delivery times.

c. The Valencia Conference Centre is not responsible for goods reception. Therefore, it is essential that you or someone from your organisation supervises the arrival of goods. Alternatively, you can hire security staff who will ensure that your goods arrive safely and are put where you need them. If you hire security staff, you will need to provide detailed information on the items you are having sent to the Centre.

d. Once the stands have been built, any surplus materials should be left in the loading bays specified by the Conference Centre so that the stand areas are clear.

e. When the conference is over and the stands have been taken down, all goods should be left in the Centre’s loading bays. Any material left in the exhibition area will be thrown away.

f. All materials left in the loading bays must be collected within 48 hours or two working days. After this time, we will assume that the exhibitor no longer wants the materials. These will be removed and the exhibitor may be charged for the removal.

We hope that these guidelines will ensure that the flow of goods and materials in and out of the Centre runs smoothly and will avoid any possible confusion.

  • Please find enclosed a map showing vehicle access for the Valencia Conference Centre.

Exhibition hall description

For access to, location and size of goods entrances, please see enclosed floor plan.

Very important: The points marked with triangles on the exhibition area are slopes.

Please check whether your stand is on a slope as, if it is, you will need a wedge to level it out. This is not necessary if you have ordered a modular or custom-made stand from the Valencia Conference Centre.


  • Floor: granite
  • Walls: polished limestone
  • Floor load capacity: 300 kg/m2
  • Headroom: variable height due to ceiling design, from 8.6 metres to 14.75 metres.
  • Ceiling lights: halogen lamps

Holes may not be made in the walls, ceiling or floor of the exhibition hall. Any alterations or damage to rooms, facilities or objects will be charged to the exhibitor responsible.

Dates and times

Access times for setting up and dismantling your stand are as follows:

  • Set up by exhibitors who have hired a stand from the Centre: Monday 17th June from 7:00h to 13:00h
  • Set up by exhibitors who bring their own stand: Sunday 16th June from 08:00h to 20:00h
  • All merchandise, packaging, etc. must be removed from access walkways by 13:00h on Monday 17th
  • Stand dismantling: Friday 21st June from 13:00h to 18:00h. Stands may not be dismantled until all delegates have left.


Stand description and decoration

For stand set up and equipment, please refer to the descriptions supplied on the following pages.

Stands must be left as they are found. Please do not paint them or stick paper to them, unless you use special double-sided tape which leaves no marks on the surface. The exhibitor will be invoiced for any damage caused to the stand.

Exhibitors may decorate and equip their stand as they wish, as long as they take the following points into account:

  • Stand equipment should not exceed the allocated floor surface area or the height of the walls. No installations or decoration which could offend any or all of the exhibitors will be permitted.
  • Loudspeakers and other similar devices are prohibited. Pamphlets and samples may only be distributed within the stand itself.
  • Adhesive tape may only be used to mark the stand area or to fix carpets with permission from the Valencia Conference Centre. A layer of masking tape underneath the adhesive tape will facilitate its removal after the event. Adhesive carpet tiles may not be used. Damage caused by exhibitors who disregard these rules will be paid for by the exhibitor.


Stand cleaning

The exhibition halls and walkways will be cleaned after the set up.

Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own stand. An order form is attached for extra cleaning services. Cleaning will only be allowed when the exhibition is closed to visitors.




Exhibited goods, stand components and packaging materials are left in the Valencia Conference Centre’s exhibition halls or rooms at the exhibitors’ risk.

As a preventive measure, the Valencia Conference Centre advises exhibitors not to leave small easy-to-carry items unguarded, or to leave their stand unattended whether it is assembled or disassembled. The Valencia Conference Centre declines all responsibility for lost or stolen items.

The Valencia Conference Centre can provide additional security on request. An order form for this service is enclosed.


Exhibitors’ civil liability

The exhibitor is liable for all damage caused to a third party, either by himself or his personnel or by persons authorised to act on his behalf.


Catering service and delivery of food and drinks to stands

The Valencia Conference Centre has a contract with an official caterer for the exclusive rights to provide foods and drinks in the Conference Centre’s restaurant and cafeteria, and to deliver food and drinks to stands. Exhibitors are therefore required to contact these official caterers for all food, drink, buffet and cocktail orders.


Other information

The exhibition organisers and the Valencia Conference Centre management reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The exhibition organisers will inform exhibitors of any changes. All information and instructions given to exhibitors by the organisers are an integral part of these regulations.


Exhibition proposals and registration
Proposals should be submitted by the deadline, 2019 Apr. 12th
to the EuCNC organising committee:
Exhibition Chairs: Conchi Garcia-Pardo, David García

Extras and special requests
Viajes el Corte Inglés S.A.
M.I.C.E. Valencia
Tel.: +34.963.107.189
Fax: +34.963.411.046