Workshop 9

Workshop 92024-04-18T15:49:44+00:00

Trials, Pilots and Demos for Selected Verticals: the Experimental Way Forward towards 6G

Monday, 3 June 2024, 14:00-17:30, Room Gorilla Room 3
  • Carles Antón-Haro (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), ES)
  • Raffaele de Peppe (Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), IT)

Motivation and Background

It takes 10 years for a new mobile technology to become commercially available. Research, standardization, trials for validation, network deployment are needed steps to bring to market a new generation of mobile technology. In Europe, the 5G Public-Private Partnership (5GPPP) incubated 5G, from research to trials. Then industrial players brought it to market making 5G technology the fastest mobile technology for adoption worldwide. Currently, the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS-JU) is playing a similar role in what concerns R&D activities towards the definition of 6G.
The digitization of vertical infrastructure and private networks can be a powerful enabler for updated and new services. In other words, 6G has the potential to drive digital transformation in many vertical sectors. To that aim, it is widely accepted that the realization of large-scale trials, pilots and demonstrations with a strong involvement of verticals from the early stages of research is key. This makes it possible to (i) assess network performance in realistic conditions; (ii) gain a better understanding of customer needs; and (iii) elaborate more accurate business models. 6G Trials and pilots will pave the way to real world adoption of 6G after 2028. Europe has a long record track in conducting large-scale trials and pilots for B5G and 6G technologies. Under the umbrella of the 5G-PPP, a total of 53 projects investigated the application of 5G to specific verticals (e.g., connected and automated mobility, smart cities, industry 4.0, consumer and professional services, transportation, and public services) in Phase 2 and 3 of the workprogram, for a total funding of +580 Meuro. The current SNS R&I Wok Programme also includes work on large-scale trials and pilots with verticals (Stream D) and experimental activities in SNS enablers and proof-of-concepts (Stream C), for a total of 106 Meuro in the first 2 calls. Besides, SNS ICE is partnering with key European industry associations, such as 5GAA, 5G ACIA, PSCE, 6G Health Initiative etc. to gain strong insights into future use cases.
This workshop is proposed by SNS ICE and it is co-organized by selected SNS projects from Stream B, C and D, namely, FIDAL, 6G-XR, PREDICT-6G, 6G-SANDBOX. Their representatives in the event will be sharing their views, achievements, and lessons learnt from the realization of early trials, pilots and demonstrations in their respective projects. They will also provide information and guidance on how third parties can benefit from the experimental infrastructure being developed by those projects to carry out additional experimental work via e.g., participation in the open calls they organize. Collectively, the SNS projects taking part in this workshop have in-depth knowledge and practical insights in key verticals for the EU economy such as industrial manufacturing, media and entertainment, gaming, public protection and disaster relief, or smart cities. This will guarantee a balanced coverage in the technical sessions, as well as the exchange of valuable and diverse points of view in the final panel discussion. SNS-ICE acts as de facto ambassador of the SNS JU since itis tasked with creating a significant footprint especially in internationally attended events and ensuring the dissemination and promotion of SNS JU vision and achievements. Consequently, SNS-ICE will boost the dissemination of workshop conclusions and findings by bringing them into future activities (events, talks, social media) that they organize on a regular basis


  • Welcome and introduction to the workshop. R. de Peppe, C. Antón-Haro [5 min]
  • Keynote Speech: “International 6G Technology Trials: Status, Expectations, and Outlook”, Mir Ghoraishi (Gigasys Solutions, Chair of Int’l Trials and Pilots Stream of the Trials WG) [25 min]
  • Technical Session #1: Initial Results of 6G SNS Trials, Pilots and Demos
    Chair: R. de Peppe (TIM) [60 min]

    • “Selected use case experimentation with 6G-SANDBOX: initial results,” M. Dieudonne (Keysight), P. Merino (U. Malaga), H. G. Koumaras (NCSR Demokritos), B. Riemer (Fraunhofer Fokus).
    • “PREDICT-6G: The synergy between Digital Twins, Time-Sensitive Networking, and Wi-Fi for Industry 4.0”, V. Frascolla (Intel)
    • “Demonstration of slicing for PPDR communications”, A. Díaz, M. Morero, J. Jiménez (University of Málaga), S. Delmas (Airbus)
  • Coffee break [30 min]
  • Technical Session #2: Technology Enablers and Futuristic Use Cases –
    Chair: R. de Peppe (TIM) [40 min]

    • “Trend analysis of new verticals towards 6G”, R. de Peppe (TIM)
    • “6G-XR: Technology enablers for a realistic holographic presence”, M. Vircik (Matzuko)
  • Panel discussion: “Challenges, lesson learnt and promising 6G technologies identified in SNS Trials and Pilots” – Chair: C. Antón-Haro (CTTC) [45 min]
    • Panelists: A. Díaz (U. Malaga), M. Dieudonne (Keysight), K. Trichias (6G-IA), V. Frascolla (Intel), Mir. Ghoirashi (Gigasys Solutions), Didier Bourse (Nokia).
  • Wrap up and conclusions from the workshop [5 min]
    • K. Trichias (6G-IA)
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