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Hexa-X –The European 6G Initiative

Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 14:00-15:30/16:00-17:30, Zoom Room
  • Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia, Project coordinator)
  • Patrik Rugeland (Ericsson, Technical manager)
  • Dario Sabella (Intel, Innovation Manager)
  • Marco Hoffmann (Nokia, WP1 leader)
  • Yaning Zou (TU Dresden, WP2 co-leader)
  • Aarno Parssinen (U OULU, WP2 co-leader)
  • Henk Wymeersch (Chalmers, WP3 leader)
  • Miltiadis Filippou (Intel, WP4 leader)
  • Mårten Ericson (Ericsson, WP5 leader)
  • Josep Martrat (Atos, WP6 co-leader)
  • Ignacio Labrador (Atos, WP6 co-leader)
  • Bjoern Richerzhagen (Siemens, WP7 leader)
  • Mauro Boldi (Telecom Italia, WP8 leader)

Motivation and Background

The EU commission recently granted the2.5 yHexa-X project (H2020 ICT-52) on explorative research towards 6G.With 25 partners from leading academic institutions and industry players, the project stands out as the European flagship initiative in 6G, an area that will be of key importance in the technical evolution in the coming decade. The project will establish a vision for the future networks of 2030addressing the envisioned use cases and services. The 6G networks will be designed based on the fundamental principles of trustworthiness, sustainability and digital inclusion. The project will explore a plethora of technical enablers related to e.g. enhanced radio performance and combined communication and localization/sensing; Connected intelligence with integrated AI/ML; Network evolution expansion, exploring new network architectures and novel verticals. As such, the workshop will accurately address the conference tracks ‘6G Enabling Technologies’ and ‘6G Visions’, by providing a consolidated view on the 6G research from the major European players. With this workshop we want to create awareness of the project and disseminate early results and present ongoing research and plans.
As the Hexa-X project will be the European 6G flagship project, interactions with other ICT-52 6G technical enabler projects will be crucial and the workshop presents an important venue for initiating collaboration and sharing of results. This will be achieved by inviting two presenters from related 6G enabler projects within the H2020 ICT-52 program.


14:00-15:30 Presentations

  • Peter Vetter (Nokia Bell Labs), “Hexa-X: Defining the Blueprint for 6G – part 1” (10’)
  • Magnus Frodigh (Ericsson Research), “Hexa-X: Defining the Blueprint for 6G – part 2” (10’)
  • Q&A Keynotes (10’)
  • Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia Bell Labs), Patrik Rugeland, “Hexa-X Project Overview” (20’+10’ Q/A)
  • Patrik Rugeland (Ericsson Research); Mikko Uusitalo; Björn Richerzhagen; Marco Hoffmann; Marie-Helene Hamon, “Hexa-X Use cases and Key value indicators” (20’+10’ Q/A)

Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 Presentations (10’ + 5’ Q/A)

  • Azeddine Gati (Orange), ”The Sustainability Road for 6G”
  • Yaning Zou (TU Dresden), Aarno Pärssinen; Henk Wymeersch, ”Radio Performance Towards 6G”
  • Josep Martrat(ATOS); Ignacio Labrador Pavon; Miltiades C. Filippou, ”Connecting Intelligence and Smart Orchestration for B5G/6G Networks”
  • Björn Richerzhagen (Siemens); Mårten Ericson, ”Advances in Network Evolution and Expansion”
  • Emilio Calvanese Strinati; Vincenzo Sciancalepore; George C. Alexandropoulos, ”The RISE-6G Project: Wireless Environment as a Service Enabled by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”
  • Vera Stavroulaki; Panagiotis Demestichas Hosts: Harri Saarnisaari, Seppo Yrjölä, Adrian Kliks (Univ. Poznan), Marianne Kinnula, Anna Suorsa (Univ. Oulu), Panos Kostakos (Univ. Oulu), Muhammad Zeeshan Asghar (Univ. Jyväskylä), ”DEDICAT 6G: Dynamic Coverage Extension and Distributed Intelligence for Human Centric Applications with Assured Security, Privacy, and Trust: From 5G to 6G
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