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NanoElectronics & Wireless for 6G: NEW-6G workshop

Tuesday, 7 June 2022, 9:00-10:30/11:00-12:30, Room C238
  • Eric Mercier (CEA-Leti, FR)
  • Jean-Baptiste Doré (CEA-Leti, FR)
  • Bossuet Alice (CEA-Leti, FR)

Motivation and Background

On the eve of 5G network deployment, a new boom in the mass digitization of our personal and professional lifestyles is looming. 5G marks a strong shift in the way in which connectivity will impact our societies and industries. This shift is taking place through a combination of technologies progressing business-as-usual with technical improvements (new materials and components, development of virtualization methods). The impacts of deploying 5G are multiple and established balances have already been upset from a societal, economic and geopolitical standpoint. Not only is high-speed mobile internet gaining ground, but 5G is above all opening the door to new usages impacting every economic sector. 5G’s declared ambition is to initiate a digital revolution in industry, health and transportation. However, development of this new generation, just like its forerunners, is being driven by the natural advances of Moore’s Law and a number of questions is already emerging in relation to the sustainability of the technology base for the future generation of mobile networks to be deployed in around 10 years time. Longer-term, in 20 years, the world’s population will be 2/3rd urban, and means of transport, communications and work requirements will both depend on digital technologies and have to lay claim to a very much lower ecological impact than in the current situation. Ownership and safeguarding of data, control of ecological impact, both energetic and electromagnetic, and guaranteeing an available, flexible network will be essential factors in the success of 6G. Moreover, it is certain that digitization will involve not only individuals in their daily activities, but increasingly industries and public authorities. These facts lead to consider :

• Optimum deployment and densification of networks
• Flexibility of deployed hardware to ensure its sustainability
• Drastically reduced energy consumption of infrastructures and devices
• Symbiosis of developed hardware and envisaged services.



  • Mauro Boldi – TIM/Telecom Italia
  • Laith Altimine – SEMI
  • Philippe Séhier – NOKIA
  • Michael Peeters – IMEC
  • Cesar Roda-Neve – SOITEC
  • Rafik Zayani – CEA-Leti

The workshop we propose will be constituted by keynotes from NEW-6G contributors, amongst which operators, services providers, semiconductor industrials, associations and institutions are targeted.

6 invited talks (25 min on vision). 9h00 – 10h30 :

  • Semi: Laith ALTIMIME. President SEMI Europe, Berlin Office ‘’ Riding the 6G Technology Wave: Opportunities for the European Semiconductor Ecosystem ‘’
  • Soitec: Cesar RODA-NEVE – R&D Program Manager ‘’ Engineered Substrates for 6G communication ‘’
  • Telecom Italia: Mauro Renato BOLDI – Project Leader ‘’ An operator perspective on 6G and sustainability ‘’

11h – 12h30 :

  • Nokia: Philippe SEHIER – Department Head Radio Standardization ” 6G, a glimpse on enabling technologies “
  • IMEC: Michael PEETERS – VP R&D Connectivity imec ‘’ Compound semiconductors, complex packaging ? ‘’
  • CEA Leti : Rafik ZAYANI “Cell-free massive MIMO : a potential key technology for 6G”
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