Workshop 5

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EU Collaborative Research & Innovation Focal Points in the SNS JU

Monday, 3 June 2024, 9:00-12:30, Room Nightingale
  • Mikael Fallgren (Ericsson Research, SE)
  • Kostas Trichias (6G SNS – Infrastructure Association (6G-IA), BE)
  • Xi Li (NEC, DE)
  • Michael Dieudonne (Keysight Technologies, BE)
  • David Artuñedo Guillén (Telefonica, ES)
  • Ioannis Tomkos (Univ. of Patras, GR)

Motivation and Background

This workshop focuses on EU collaborative research and innovation focal points toward 6G Smart Networks and Services (SNS) and provides a good overview of the SNS public and private Joint Undertaking (JU) initiative. The main SNS JU missions, i.e., to foster Europe’s technological sovereignty in 6G through world class research and innovation (R&I) as well as to coordinate strategic guidance of programmes to enable boosting 5G deployment in Europe, are reflected upon while describing how the SNS JU is more than its separate projects.
The SNS JU is about enabling collaborative research and creating a positive inter-working environment where vision, approaches and outcomes are discussed resulting in broadly accepted insights. Instrumental SNS JU entities are in place to enable and encourage such work environment. The Steering Board (SB) and Technology Board (TB) act as the main governance bodies for coordination of activities between projects and drive project alignment on roadmap and technological levels. The SNS JU Project Working Groups (SNS JU WGs) are coordinating bodies of activities relating to specific technical scopes of interest. Currently, there is SNS JU WGs on Architecture, on TMV (Test, Measurement and KPI Validation), on Software Networks, and on Hardware.
In this workshop, the approach towards EU collaborative R&I work will be presented from the SNS JU office, while the overview of the SNS projects’ vision, roadmap, technological enablers, and domain coverage also will be discussed from the SB and TB perspective. Moreover, a deep dive into the technical challenges and scope of the SNS JU Project WGs will be performed by SNS experts, resulting in a panel discussion on the current technical focus of the SNS JU and its way forward.


Session 1 – 90 mins, Chair: Uwe Herzog

  • (10’) Presentation by SNS JU Office (Pavlos Fournogerakis)
    •  View on the importance of collaborative research for Europe. Introduction to the structure and why the office believes that the SB, TB and WGs are important for projects to exchange ideas and results.
  • (10’) Presentation by SNS JU SB Chairman (Mikael Fallgren)
    • Incl. Overview of Phase 1 & 2 projects, intro into Call 3 that just closed. Structure of the SNS, strategic goals, interaction with other global and national initiatives.
  • (10’) Presentation by SNS JU TB Chairman (Konstantinos Trichias)
    • Overview of key addressed technologies, enablers, etc. (SNS OPS questionnaire). Presentation of Reference Figure, Sustainability TF, Vertical Engagement Tracker.
  • (10’) Presentation by SNS JU TMV WG Co Chairman (Michael Dieudonne)
    • Test, Measurement and KPI Validation from 5G to 6G.
  • (10’) Presentation by SNS JU Hardware WG driver (Ioannis Tomkos)
    • Hardware Technologies in support of 6G networks.
  • (10’) Presentation by SNS JU Architecture WG Chairman (Oemer Bulakci)
    • Overview of 6G architecture vision and key technology enablers and standard impacts.
  • (30’) Panel by SNS JU Software Networks WG Chairman (David Artuñedo Guillén)
    • Moderator: David Artuñedo Guillén.
    • Panelists: DT (Andreas Florath), OpenNebula Systems (Alfonso Carrillo), and University of Málaga (Pedro Merino).
    • Topic: SNS and the Edge Evolution – UE Edge landscape will change dramatically in the coming years. This presents challenges and opportunities for SNS
      Research Community. Experts from Telcos and Cloud will discuss the impact this transformation will bring and what it means for SNS.

Session 2 – 90 mins, Chair: Mikael Fallgren

  • (45’) Presentations on selected SNS JU Architecture WG topics:
    • (15’) “Towards a Flexible, Unified and Efficient System Architecture for 6G Mobile Networks” by Sebastian Robitzsch (InterDigital).
    • (15’) “A 6G Architectural Approach for Sustainable Integrated Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Networks” by Philip Harrris (Collins Aerospace).
    • (15’) “Towards extreme network KPIs with deep programmability in 6G” by Chrysa Papagianni (University of Amsterdam).
  • (45’) Panel on the impact of 6G. What are the technical and market key drivers? What are the gaps? What will be different? Is something missing?
    • Moderator: Mikael Fallgren (SB Chair).
    • Panelists: Michael Dieudonne (TMV WG), David Artunedo Guillen (Software Networks WG), Ioannis Tomkos (Hardware WG), Oemer Bulakci and Sebastian Robitzsch (Architecture WG).
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