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Connectivity and Beyond: How the 5G Ecosystem Empowers the Port, Logistics and Automotive Industries

Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 9:30-11:00/11:30-13:00, Zoom Room
  • Jurij Mirnik (PORT OF KOPER)
  • Dejan Šošter (TELEKOM SLOVENIJE)
  • Pavlos Basaras (ICCS)
  • Ralf Willenbrock (TSYSTEM)
  • Athanasios Koumparos (VODAFONE INNOVUS)
  • Oihana Otaegui (VICOMTECH)
  • Fatma Rassi (AKKA)
  • Pierluigi Freni (LIFTT)
  • Michela Apruzzese (ICOOR)


Motivation and Background

Jointly organised by the European H2020 projects 5GMETA and 5G-LOGINNOV, this workshop explores the various applications of 5G, with a focus on the logistics and automotive sectors. Data has become an extremely important asset, not only to cope with traffic congestion, environmental challenges and handle upcoming and future logistics capacity, but also to develop economic and innovative business opportunities for regions, industries, SMEs and high-tech start-ups. 5GMETA and 5G-LOGINNOV will not only use data to stimulate and facilitate innovative products and services, whilst ensuring data privacy, security, interoperability and ownership, but also use new, innovative concepts, applications and devices supported by 5G technologies, IoT, data analytics, next generation traffic management and CCAM to reach the above-mentioned goals. Thanks to the expertise of both project consortiums, which gather very relevant and well-positioned European stakeholders from research and academia, telecommunications, RTOs, clusters, incubators and industry, participants to the workshop will learn about the CAD and logistics challenges, architecture, innovations and services enabled by 5G. Participants will also have the opportunity to get involved in the projects’ future SME and start-up activities. Both projects will present their concrete actions, activities and 5G roadmaps through their respective living labs and use cases, which include use cases on R&D Live Training Loop, Networking Parking and Driving Safety & Awareness, Traffic Management Applications, Video Surveillance, Precise positioning, Predictive Maintenance and Real Time Tracking.





  • Eusebiu Catana, ERTICO 5G-LOGINNOV Coordinator, “Deploying new CAD and Logistics tailored services in real-life port-city areas with 5G LOGINNOV”
  • Oihana Otaegui, VICOMTECH, 5GMETA Coordinator, “A 5G platform to enable mobility data monetization – empowering the automotive ecosystem from industry players to new entrants”

Technical Session 

  • Ralf Willenbrock, TSYSTEM (5G-LOGINNOV), “5G ecosystems for sustainable port/hinterland connections”
  • Dejan Šošter, TELEKOM SLOVENIJE (5G-LOGINNOV), “5G Technologies for Future European Ports. Port of Koper use case”
  • Athanasios Koumparos, VODAFONE INNOVUS (5GLOGINNOV), “5G Technology Innovations and IoT solutions in Port Operations. Athens: Piraeus Container Terminal Use Case”
  • Djibrilla AMADOU KOUNTCHE AKKA (5GMETA), “5GMETA Platform for automotive Domain”
  • Pierluigi Freni, LIFTT (5GMETA), “5G Functions for enabling monetization of mobility data”

Coffee Break


Panel Discussion

Panel: ”5G in real solutions: enabling logistics and automotive industries to safety, environmental sustainability and efficiency”

  • Moderator: Zeljiko Jeftic, Deputy Director of Innovation and Deployment, ERTICO
  • Panelists: Port of Koper Living Lab – Janez Sterle, INTERNET INSTITUTE
  • (5G-LOGINNOV), Piraeus-Athens Living Lab – Pavlos Basaras, ICCS (5GLOGINNOV), Hamburg Living Lab – Ralf Willenbrock, TSYSTEM (5GLOGINNOV), R&D Live Training Loop use case – Oihana Otaegui, VICOMTECH (5GMETA), Networking Parking use case – Fatma Rassi, AKKA (5GMETA), Driving Safety & Awareness use case – Arslane HAMZA-CHERIF, ICOOR (5GMETA)
  • Open discussion

Presentations – Emerging 5G Business Models: how 5G can enable different ervices and market players 

  • Pierluigi Freni, LIFTT (5GMETA), ”5GMETA to catalyse new business opportunities”
  • Mariangela Rosano, ICOOR (5G-LOGINNOV), ”5G enabled business opportunities and models for new players in the logistics domain”
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