Workshop 12

Workshop 122024-05-31T08:49:38+00:00

Non-Terrestrial Networks and Terrestrial Networks unification – from Vision to Reality

Monday, 3 June 2024, 14:00-17:30, Room Toucan 1
  • Adam Kapovits (Eurescom GmbH, )
  • Maria Guta (ESA, )

Motivation and Background

The workshop is very much motivated by the fact that through various funding channels (ESA and national) space assets suitable for 5G/6G experimentation, advanced 5G PoC validation and demonstrations are gradually becoming available and should be exploited by market stakeholders and R&D NTN/TN community to consolidate solutions, demonstrate cases and build confidence. Another major motivation is that one can witness a number of announcements about providing direct to device connectivity from space from major players. The workshop is expected to serve a range of objectives, not necessarily of the same degree:

  • Facilitate interaction and discussions between the parallel running SNS JU projects with a focus on NTN
  • Facilitate interaction and discussions between NTN focused R&D activities in Europe receiving support through different funding channels (EC, ESA, national and Eureka)
  • Create an awareness about 6G experimentation and demonstration opportunities that space assets scheduled to be launched in the near future offer
  • Support PoC validations in situ (in-orbit) and standardisation


Block 1

Opening – Maria Guta (ESA) and Adam Kapovits (Eurescom GmbH)

Space Network Systems: The Way to Conceive and Extend Connectivity in the Space through 5G NTN/6G, Vincenzo Schena, ESA MIXELS project, Thales Alenia Space Italy – 20 min

The German SERANIS mission – Florian Völk, University of the Bundeswehr Munich – 20 min

The ESA 6G precursor mission – Maria Guta, ESA – 20 min

Native support to NTN in 6G: Use cases and architectures, a joint contribution by SNS JU 5G-STARDUST, 6G-NTN and ETHER. Prof Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli Uni Bologna / CNIT – 15 min

Enabling Technologies towards NTN-6G systems: Tools and Demonstrators, a joint contribution by SNS JU projects 5G-STARDUST, 6G-NTN, ETHER and 6G-SANDBOX. Tomaso de Cola, DLR – 15 min

Block 2

German Research Activities on 3D Networks – Markus Breitbach, Deutsche Telekom and prof. Armin Dekorsy, University of Bremen – 15 min

The IPCEI Air!5G project from France by Airbus – Jean-Christophe Schiel, Airbus– 15 min

5G Multicast based efficient content distribution over satellite – Cyril Valadon, MediaTek and Joel Grotz, SES– 15 min

HydRON: A 100 Gbps optical space backbone network – Guray Acar, ESA – 15 min

6G for Connected Sky (6G-SKY) – Combined Airspace and Non-Terrestrial Networks – Dominic Schupke, Airbus, Germany and Prof. Cicek Cavdar, KTH, Sweden – 15 min

Mini panel – ad-hoc intervention slot – 15 min

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