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5G for CAM for Cross-Border Corridors

Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 9:30-11:00/11:30-13:00, Zoom Room
  • Konstantinos V. Katsaros ICCS, Greece
  • Roberto Fantini TIM, Italy
  • Fofy Setaki COSMOTE, Greece
  • Joao Almeida IT, Portugal
  • Pedro J. Fernández UMU, Spain-TBC
  • Jorge Pereira EC, Belgium
  • Janie Baños DEKRA, Spain
  • Vasilis Sourlas ICCS, Greece

Motivation and Background

The 5thgeneration of mobile networks, promises significant qualitative and quantitative advances for multiple vertical domains, including the fast evolving automotive sector. However, most studies and investigations contribute to and assess these advances under the implicit assumption of a single network service provider, with typical national coverage. A series of 5G-PPP Research Projects, notably ICT-18-2018: 5G-MOBIX, 5G-CARMEN and 5G-CroCo, has targeted this limitation, explicitly focusing on a series of challenges emerging for Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) applications, in the context of the inherent (inter-)national mobility and cross-border and/or multi-operator environments. Running now for more than two years, the projects have established a deep understanding of these challenges, have developed corresponding solutions, and are now starting to produce experimental results from 5G deployments across a series of European cross-border corridors, but also, national multi-operator trial sites.
This workshop aims to bring together the experiences gained in these projects, targeting a focused discussion on the technical challenges, considered solutions and most importantly, preliminary results from the ongoing cross-border trials along 5G cross-border corridors across Europe. The event will offer the opportunity to consolidate views and promote the understanding of the various barriers and opportunities brought by 5G, for CCAM, exposing the first lessons learned from 5G network deployments and corresponding trials in these projects. Discussions, including a panel, we explore the implications for the future of 5G deployment and the prospects for the support of seamless CCAM service provisioning.




  • Jorge Pereira (EC), the Project Officer of all three ICT-18-2018 / 5G-PPP Projects

Invited Presentations 

  • Konstantinos Trichias (WINGS, 5G-MOBIX), Konstantinos V. Katsaros, Geerd Kakes and João Almeida, “5G-MOBIX-Project Overview & Key Achievements to Date”
  • Roberto Fantini, Matteo Gerosa(FBK), Filippo Visintainer, Marco Liebschand, Ana Cantarero, Edwin Fischer and Andreas Heider-Aviet, “Supporting {5G} Based Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility Servicesat the Cross Border”
  • Miquel Payaró (CTTC, 5GCroco) and Dirk Hetzer, “5GCroCo:Project Overview and Recent Activities”

Technical Presentations 

  • Nazli Guney (TURKCELL, 5G-MOBIX), Eftychia Nikolitsa, Fotini Setaki, KonstantinosTrichias, Ehsan Ghasemi, Ioannis Masmanidis, Beste Akkuzu, Ilker Yilmaz, Murat Unlusan and Erdal Berber,“5G NSA Roaming Challenges and Prospects for Latency-Critical Applications with Strict Service Continuity Requirements”
  • Geerd Kakes (KPN, 5G-MOBIX), Pieter Nooren and Maciej Muehleisen “Seamless roaming with 5G SA deployments”

Coffee Break


Technical Presentations (cont.)

  • Marco Liebsch (NEC, 5G-CARMEN), Faqir Zarrar Yousaf, Roberto Fantini, Ana Cantareroand Andreas Heider-Aviet, “No Limits -Towards a Holistic 5G Ecosystem for Cross-Border CAM Service Continuity”
  • Fotini Setaki (COSMOTE, 5G-MOBIX), Nikos Kostopoulos, Konstantinos Trichias, NazliGuney, Eftychia Nikolitsa, Ioanna Mesogiti, George Lyberopoulos annd Afrim Berisa, “Neighboring Mobile Networks Synchronization Aspects at the Cross-Borders: The 5G-MOBIX Greece-Turkey Study”
  • Oscar Castañedaand Janie Baños Polglase (DEKRA, 5G-MOBIX), “Preliminary network measurements in the context of 5G-MOBIX”
  • Maciej Muehleisen (Ericsson, 5GCroco) and Dirk Hetzer, “5GCroCoNetwork Architecture and First Trial Results”



  • Panel:“Lessons learned and future outlook on 5G for CCAM”
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