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AI for 6G and Verticals

Thursday, 9 June 2022, 16:00-17:30, Room C238

Session Chair:
  • Nancy Alonistioti (one6G Association, NKUA, University of Athens, GR)

AI is one of the key enabling technologies for 6G and verticals are essential usage scenarios that will not only utilize but also impact 6G. However, they usually tend to be discussed independently as “6G & AI” or “6G & verticals”. In this special session, we will bring these three concepts under the same umbrella to discuss the following:

  • As a key enabling technology for 6G, how is AI considered in the mobile communication system design, and how it may help to serve vertical use cases?
  • What are the key research challenges?
  • What are the possibilities for verticals to adopt the new technology trends?

This special session, proposed and organized by one6G, will encourage academic researchers and industry experts alike to share their experiences and viewpoints on the topic.
The one6G Association, rooted in Europe and leveraging on the pivotal role of its ecosystem in 6G research, is a non-profit association offering an open collaborative framework to explore how to move beyond current communication networks technologies and business.


Part 1: Welcome and opening (5 min.)
by Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, one6G Chair

Part 2: AI for 6G and Verticals (40 min.)
This part will feature top experts from industry and academia who will share their viewpoints on AI for 6G and Verticals. Among the experts, we expect Prof. Eduard Jorswieck (TU Braunschweig) and Jan Sonnenberg (Volkswagen).

Part 3: Technical Presentation (40 min.)
The technical presentation part will gather renowned researchers who will share their experience and knowledge on enabling technologies and vertical use cases, more specifically on:

  • Enabling Technology: “Cooperative 360°Video Delivery Network: A Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach”, Yansha Deng, King’s Colleague London
  • Enabling Technology: “Training, Testing and Validation Challenges in AI/ML-enabled systems”, Michael Dieudonne, Keysight
  • Vertical: “6G & AI for eHealth”, Prof. Christoph.Thuemmler, 6G Health Institute GmbH.
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