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Autonomous Network Management towards 6G

Friday, 11 June 2021, 09:30-11:00, Zoom Room
Session Chair:
  • Stefania Bartoletti (CNIT)
  • Gino Carrozzo (Nextworks s.r.l.)

The very nature of 5G/6G requires deep transformations of mobile and fixed networks towards truly massive and pervasive connectivity fabrics, capable of end-to-end security, high flexibility and very dynamic service lifecycle. Despite the huge progress of the last few years, 5G networks today have not completely achieved all these challenges. Network automation, NFV and cloud-native technologies are widely adopted to transform the way 5G networks and their services are built and managed today, but their entire potential is still not fully exploited. There is an urgent demand for truly autonomous network management solutions for supporting efficient and intelligent networks at scale, beyond the current 5G.

3/ 4A clear vision on requirements and challenges for Autonomous Network Management to be addressed towards 6G is missing. It is observed that networks will require a more efficient use of heterogeneous virtualisation technologies from multiple radio, edge and core domains, also from multiple operators; moreover, highly automated management and orchestration solutions will be needed to implement data-driven network management to exploit advanced analytics  techniques;  zero-touch  solutions  and  intent-based approaches to network slicing will take critical role to manage the huge scale of software-defined network functions; heterogeneous resource trading and sharing (extended to spectrum) will need to be used to implement networks and service pervasiveness, at acceptable CAPEX for Operators and fully integrated with end-to-end trust and security. This session originates from preliminary results on autonomous network management from some5G PPP research projects (namely LOCUS, 5GZORRO, TERAFLOW, HEXA-X, ARIADNE, 5G-CLARITY, 5G-COMPLETE, INSPIRE-5Gplus,MONB5G, TERAWAY, 5GROWTH, 5G-TOURS, 5G-CARMEN). The event aims at generating an opportunity for experts from industry, standard organizations, and the research community to share research findings, to identify gaps and prioritise the challenges of a strategic research agenda on Autonomous Network Management on the path to 6G.


Autonomous Network Management towards 6G Solution focus

  • Zero-Touch AIOps in Multi-Operator 5G Networks (15 mins, incl. Q&A)Katherine Barabash,David Breitgand, Gino Carrozzo, Dean Lorenz,Kalman Meth, Shuaib M. Siddiqui5G-ZORRO Project
  • EMF and QoS Evaluation of Localization-Enhanced Pencil BeamformingLuca Chiaraviglio, Matteo Arciuli, Stefania Bartoletti, Nicola Blefari MelazziLOCUS Project
  • Predictive Network Management and Orchestration Towards 6GJosep Martrat, Ignacio Labrador Pavon, Aurora Ramos, Mikko Uusitalo, Vilho Räisänen,Amina BoubendirHEXA-X Project
  • Cloud-Native SDN Network Management for Beyond 5G Networks with TeraFlowRicard Vilalta, Raul Munoz, Ramon Casellas, Ricardo Martínez, Juan-Pedro Fernandez-Palacios, Georgios P. Katsikas, Thomas Zinner , Harald Øverby , Sergio Gonzalez-Diaz, Hakon Lønsethagenk , Jose-Miguel Pulido, Daniel King, Nicola CarapelleseTERAFLOW Project

Panel discussion

  • Seeding the long-term vision for Autonomous Network Management on the road to 6G Projects: LOCUS, 5GZORRO, TERAFLOW, HEXA-X,ARIADNE, 5G-CLARITY, 5G-COMPLETE, INSPIRE-5Gplus, MONB5G, TERAWAY, 5GROWTH, 5G-TOURS, 5G-CARMENModerated brainstorming and discussion among participants
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