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Research results impacting B5G and 6G through Standardization

Thursday, 9 June 2022, 16:00-17:30, Room A303

Session Chair:
  • Markus Mueck (ETSI (RISE group), FR)
  • Riccardo Trivisonno (Huawei Technologies, DE)

Background: Researchers often raise the question on how to capitalize on mature innovative concepts and take them towards industrial adoption. Standardization is identified as one suitable means to achieve this objective; however, it is often not easy for researchers to identify the necessary steps to follow in key standardization bodies such as ETSI and 3GPP.

Motivation: The Special Session is intended to inform researchers on WHY, HOW and WHEN to approach standardization in order to take research results, via standards, onto global deployments.

Considering the strong standardisation relation of SNS Streams A and B at impact level, both for the medium and longer term, this session will demonstrate how ETSI may be used as a vehicle to concretely bridge the R&I standardisation gap for the projects that will eventually be selected. Projects implemented as parts of national 6G initiatives in Europe are also relevant in that context.
The session will facilitate the dialogue between researchers and standards experts and provide guidance to researchers using real case studies from H2020 projects.


  • Understand the importance of standardization for SNS-JU projects,
  • Discuss the maturity for standards of B5G/6G technology trends, including those in the ETSI Technology Radar Link>>>
  • Share information how researchers can gain value through standardization, facilitating the uptake of research by industry,
  • Provide practical guidance to researchers on how to interact with ETSI and create or influence standardization projects,
  • Provide concrete examples and lessons learned from successful H2020 projects that may be re-used by others in their project proposals,
  • Provide a platform to researchers to share novel ideas and trends of potential for standardization,
  • Organize an interactive exchange to address the topics and collect feedback.

Summary: This practical session will enable researchers to better define and plan their standardisation activities early on, mapping with relevant technical groups.


The proposal is to have a 1.5h session including:

  • short keynotes talks,
  • project pitch presentations and
  • open panel discussion to encourage interactions and exchange.


  • Welcome & Keynote: (10 mins) Bernard Barani, DG Connect, The EC view on the role of standardization as an enabler for European R&D
  • Keynote: (10 mins) Riccardo Trivisonno, The 6G-IA view on key research projects, enablers for projects to access standards and examples from past/ongoing project who have engaged with standards
  • Project Pitch Talk [5GVinni] (10mins ) Diego Lopez, Telefonica,
  • Project Pitch Talk [5GCroCo] (10mins ) Apostolos Kousaridas, Huawei
  • Project Pitch Talk [ISG RIS] (10mins ) Arman Shojaeifard, Interdigital,
  • Keynote: (10 mins) Markus Mueck, ETSI as a platform for innovative standardization work
  • Panel: (30 mins) including previous speakers on the question how to successfully take research results to ETSI – at which stage of research work should ETSI be contacted, which steps are required, which outcome can be expected.

This special session for EUCNC 2022, is conceived with the ambition to become the first event of a series appearing regularly at each future EUCNC edition. The aim is for a continuous improvement of technology transfer from research projects to standards and at presenting achievements and work in progress of SNS-JU funded projects.

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