Special Session 7

Special Session 72023-05-11T14:52:50+00:00

Novel technologies in disaggregated packet-optical networks to support 6G

Thursday, 8 June 2023, 16:00-17:30, Room G1

Session Chair:
  • Ricard Vilalta (CTTC, ES)
  • Ramon Casellas (CTTC, ES)

6G supposes a new challenge to disaggregated networks. Network capacity increase, and thus new CAPEX investments shall be overcome by OPEX reduction through network automation. The digitization of network operations can help to reduce operational costs and improve service agility. Optical fibre infrastructure continuing to expand, becoming nearly ubiquitous. Smart society infrastructures can improve services for all while reducing their cost. Overcoming the green challenge is critically important for the planet and the sustainability of the network. At the same time, the business environment continues to change, and this can have major impacts on the network. To enable autonomous network management, techniques such as intent-based management, knowledge graph for fault management, and network information gathering can be used. Novel optical technologies such as multi-band, SDM, flexi-grid, and F5G can tackle the stringent network requirements of envisioned 6G networks.The special session presents contributions from 5GPPP/SNS/CL4 research communities, with the aim of facilitating discussion, and exchange of ideas and practices, and successfully promotes innovative solutions towards network automation to support 6G requisites.


The session is organized as a set of technical presentations from key actors and experts in the field of transport networks. The proposed list of speakers tries to highlight both the role of industry (operators, and vendors) as well as academia. The session ends with a 20 min panel discussion and lasts 1h30.

  • Introduction to the session, session chairs, Ricard Vilalta and Ramon Casellas (CTTC) 10min
  • Invited: An operator’s perspective on 6G requirements for Transport Networks, Pablo Armingol-Robles (Telefónica), 20min (TeraFlow)
  • An operators’ perspective on the migration to multi-band networks, Emilio Riccardi/Marco Quagliotti (TIM), 10min (B5GOpen)
  • Towards ultra-low energy and secure optical networks, Tolga Tekin (IZM Fraunhofer), 10min (ALLEGRO)
  • Scaling Capacity in support of Beyond 5G networks, Filippo Cugini (CNIT), 10min (SEASON)
  • Flexibly Scalable Energy Efficient Networking, Raul Muñoz (CTTC), 10min (FlexScale)
  • Discussion, 20min
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