Special Session 5

Special Session 52024-04-24T09:45:08+00:00

Towards new connected mobility

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 11:00-13:00, Room Gorilla Room 3
Session Chair:
  • Bhavani Shankar M. R (Univ. of Luxembourg , LU)

Mobility has been and will continue as a fundamental necessity of our society. The difference is that the emerging trends in mobility are accompanied with notions of efficiency, security, inclusivity, and limited pollution. This New Connected Mobility aims to leverage the plethora of emerging digital technologies and relies on connectivity of all the involved elements. The technologies and interconnectivity enable enhanced situational awareness and optimized exchange of information leading to efficient, safer, relaxed, and more intelligent mobility. The digital technologies are driven by advances in hardware components including computation and communication power and the networks are largely handled by software in a virtualized architecture. 5G has made a first attempt at integrating various emerging elements of the new connected mobility paradigm. Driven by novel use cases including human centric applications, research and innovation continues towards finding seamless integration of communication and mobility components. The research in new connected mobility lies within the ambit of Communication and Vehicular Technology societies of IEEE. The IEEE Benelux VT/ COM chapter aims to foster research and promote interaction between academia and industries in the region. This Chapter is driven by about twelve Executive Committee members, representing different Universities, Research Institutes, and Industries. In order to present the latest in the new connected mobility paradigm to relevant Benelux colleagues and to enable cross-fertilization of ideas between them and delegates of EUCNC, the Chapter aims to organize this special session. This event is also aimed to offer the PhD students a platform to showcase their recent results as well as network with potential collaborators. In this context, the Executive Committee of the Chapter has decided to sponsor a six of the students for that day at the Workshop; some of the committee members have also shown inclination to send students from their own funding.
This special session is also co-organized by the recently launched IEEE ITSS Benelux Chapter, as part of its initial activities.


11:00-11:30  AM
Lecture 1 : AI-driven 6G Mobile Systems
Speaker : Prof. Xavier Costa, NEC Labs Europe
Abstract : As 5G is being deployed, researchers are already looking for new challenges to define the future 6G systems. In this talk we will review AI-driven technologies expected to shape 6G-enabled mobile systems (vehicles, drones, robots, etc …) .
Several topics will be covered comprising AI-driven automation for 6G industry verticals empowered by smart surfaces (RIS) and integrated sensing and communications (ISAC) features. Early research results will be presented on these topics along with major joint academia-industry efforts in large-scale projects.

11:30-12:00  noon
Lecture 2 :  Softwarized & Programmable Vehicular Networks – Towards 6G Vehicular Networks
Speaker : Prof. Johann Marquez-Barja, University of Antwerp
Abstract :  This talk explores the transformative potential of softwarized and programmable vehicular networks as we advance towards 6G technology. Vehicular networks are evolving rapidly to meet the demands of connectivity, safety, and efficiency in transportation systems. By leveraging software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), and emerging technologies, such as edge computing and artificial intelligence, we can create dynamic, adaptable, and scalable vehicular networks. This presentation discusses key concepts, challenges, and opportunities in softwarized and programmable vehicular networks, highlighting their role in shaping the future of transportation and paving the way for the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles. Moreover, this talk addresses different industry-oriented use cases tested in the SmartHighway in Antwerp, Belgium.

12:00 – 12:15 PM
Student Presentation 1: Mr. Negasa Behranu Fite, Ghent University

12:15 – 12:30 PM
Student Presentation 2: Mr. Runyu Feng, TU Delft
Title: LED-To-Camera Communication for Mobile Applications

12:30 – 12:45 PM
Student Presentation 3: Mr. Michael Dazhi, University of Luxembourg
Title:  Energy-Efficient Service-Aware Multi-Connectivity Scheduler for Uplink Multi-Layer Non-Terrestrial Networks

12:45 – 01:00 PM
Student Presentation 4:  Mr. Vincent Charpentier, University of Antwerp & IMEC
Title:   Leveraging the VITAL-5G Platform to Bring 5G Standalone Closer to Vertical Industries


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