Special Session 5

Special Session 52023-06-05T16:54:04+00:00

Advancing EU-Taiwan Joint Projects & Future Collaboration in 6G SNS

Thursday, 8 June 2023, 11:00-12:30, Room G3

Session Chair:
  • Pang-An Ting (Information Communication Research Labs, IndustrialTechnology Research Institute, TW)

Since 2016, EU and Taiwan have invested 18 million Euros in four joint projects, involving more than 30 teams from industry and academia across ten countries. These collaborations focused on Smart Manufacturing and Disaster Prevention and Relief with Drones; furthermore, the joint efforts had resulted in the development of new technologies and products in both Taiwan and the EU. The bilateral cooperation has been complementary and mutually beneficial.The Special Session aims to encourage EU-Taiwan collaboration on 6G projects in SNS. Through sharing knowledge, promoting innovation and identifying mutual interests, it seeks to strengthen the strategic partnership and building consortia to developing cutting-edge technologies. The special session on Taiwan at EuCNC will exchange insights from EU-Taiwan joint projects in 5G and explore new collaborations in 6G. It will provide an overview of Taiwan’s 6G research and feature leading Taiwanese companies such as Chunghwa Telecom, Auden, Compal, and Liteon. Cutting-edge technologies like Joint Communications and Sensing (JCAS), AI-Native technologies, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS), and Video Coding will also be discussed.

  1. Opening Remarks (3-5 min. each)
    • Dr. Alexandros Kaloxylos, Executive Director, 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA)
    • Dr. Chih-Hsiang Chang, Officer, Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  2. Session 1: Moderator: Dr. Odysseas Pyrovolakis, Program Officer
    Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking

    • Dr. Thomas Haustein, Head of the Department Wireless Communication and Networks, Fraunhofer HHI (5G-CONNI)
    • Dr. Antonio De La Olivia Delgado, Professor, UC3M (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) (5G-CORAL & 5G-DIVE)
    • Ying-Wei Lin, Deputy Resident Representative, ISTI, ITRI
  3. Session 2: Overview of 6G Industrial Research and Innovation in Taiwan (15 min /each)
    • Overview of Taiwan’s 6G Academic Research – Dr. Tzong-Lin Wu, Professor, National Taiwan University
    • Overview of Taiwan’s 6G Industrial Proposals – Dr. Pang-An Ting, General Director of the Information and Communication Research Laboratories, ITRI
  4. Session 3: NTN, Open RAN, 5G Private Network, RIS Solutions
    • MediaTek Inc. – Francesc Boixadera, Head of EU Cellular Research and Standards
    • Auden Techno Corp. – Dr. Yu-Bin Chang, Chairman
    • Compal Electronics, Inc. – Mr. Aaron Chuang, Director General, Compal Electronics, Inc
    • YTTEK Technology – Mr. Jiangson Chen, CEO & Founder
  5. Q&A (20 mins)
    Host: Dr. Mitch Tseng, Research Consultant, Information and Communication Research Laboratories, ITRI
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