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Testbeds and Platforms for AI-enabled Massive MIMO

Thursday, 9 June 2022, 10:30-12:00, Room C238

Session Chair:
  • Milan Zivkovic (Nokia Bell Labs Core Research, DE)

AIMM is a two-year European collaborative project targeting radical performance improvements and efficiency dividends for beyond-5G/6G Radio Access Network (RAN), through novel multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) enhancements and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) technologies, powered through and managed by the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML). The focus of the AIMM project includes:

  • Defining key-performance-indicators, use cases and business models for AI-embedded 5G and beyond RAN.
  • Exploring novel antenna configurations including collocated and distributed structures, and the use of radio intelligent surfaces for practical deployment.
  • Building of comprehensive and sophisticated AI algorithms for network operation and optimization of the air-interface.
  • Implementing standards-compliant AIMM testbeds based on off-the-shelf software radio technology for both centralized and cell-less antenna systems.

AIMM intends, through this partnership, for Europe to lead the innovation of the next phases of 5G telecoms networks and ser vices. In future, the output of AIMM will be used as a building block towards future research activities and interactions with the wider industry towards B5G/6.
To fully demonstrate and evaluate the feasibility of proposed algorithms and technologies, a very important effort within AIMM project is to develop and build the software/hardware platforms and testbeds for Proof-of-Concept (PoC). The overall objective is to verify and demonstrate the practicality of the AI/ML concepts proposed in the AIMM project as well as to capture and analyse performance data. The current status of the testbeds can be seen in recent AIMM newsletter: https://aimm.celticnext.eu/2021/12/16/newsletter-aimm-testbeds-and-platforms/
As a part of EuCNC & 6G summit, this Special Session unveils innovative technical contributions on recent developments of platforms and testbeds implemented within AIMM project, including inviting talks from participating organizations. It also aims at discussing the challenges and potential issues of implementing the recent advanced technological advancements in wireless communications such as AI/ML and RIS, in real world scenarios.


The content of the proposed Special Session will include several technical presentations, each describing different use-cases and platforms or testbeds developed within the AIMM project.
The session will consist of following contributions:

  • “Introduction to AIMM”, Arman Shojaeifard (Interdigital, UK).
  • “A Real-Time testbed for AI/ML-enhanced RAN”, Milan Zivkovic (Nokia Bell Labs, Germany).
  • “Towards Distributed Cell-less MIMO Testbed: An RFNoC Implementation”, Minglei You (University of Nottingham, UK), Tianrui Chen, Gan Zheng (Loughborough University, UK).
  • “A System-Level Simulator for AI/ML Enhanced Networks”, Keith Briggs (BT, UK).
  • “Channel Sounder with Over-the-Air Antenna Synchronization: Absolute Phase and Timing Calibration using Known Transmitter Locations”, Florian Euchner, Phillip Stephan, Marc Gauger, Stephan ten Brink (University of Stuttgart, Germany).
  • “Network Management Analytics Platform”, Rui Inacio, Ahmad Abdelrahim (Vilicom, UK).

The session should be concluded with Panel discussion/Q&A session to reflect the presented content.
The session duration is expected to be 90 min.

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