Special Session 42021-10-11T16:17:14+00:00

Edge-Side and Device-Level Innovation for 6G Wireless Networks

Wednesday, 09 June 2021, 11:30-13:00, Zoom Room

Session Chair:
  • Mohammad N. Patwary (University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom)

Future Beyond 5G(B5G)/6G networks are expected to support the massive number of connected devices/sensors/machines with enhanced Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency (e-URLLC) to realize the end-to-end latency of about 0.01 ms with 99.9999% reliability. Towards supporting the e-URLLC, ultra-low energy-consumption and high capacity links targeted by B5G/6G networks, it is crucial to introduce innovation at the edge-and device-level by addressing several constraints such as power limitations, low computational capacity and limited storage capacity over a range of radio frequencies including millimetre wave (mmWave), TeraHertz (THz)and optical bands. The recent advances in edge computing architecture and technologies with the notion of “edge processing as a service” are expected to enable e-URLLC in future networks, by bringing the computing and storage capabilities near to the end-users. Furthermore, potential device-level innovations include the design of efficient power amplifiers, receiver filters capable of operating in higher frequencies, efficient multi-antenna arrays for end-users, inter-chip communications via THz line-of-sight links, lightweight modulation and coding for high-speed communications, near-field communications and backscatter communications for zero-energy devices.

  1. Shree Krishna Sharma, Syed Junaid Nawaz, Md Asaduzzaman and Mohmammad N. Patwary, “Edge Computing-enabled enhanced-URLLC framework for 6G Wireless Networks”
  2. Samiya Khan, Mohammad N. Patwary, Paul Wilson, and Prashant Pillai, “Edge-As-A-Service Architecture for Highly Mobile Emergency Services in 6G Wireless Networks”
  3. Muhammad Kamran Naeem , Liam Naughton , and Mohammad Patwary, “AI-Enabled Light-Weight Channel Encoding for Device-To-Edge Communication in 6G Networks”
  4. Tooba Masood, Sardar Muhammad Gulfam, Syed Junaid Nawaz, Shree Krishna Sharma, Md Asaduzzaman, Mohmammad N. Patwary, “User Scheduling for Cell-Free Wireless Networks”
  5. Naser Ojaroudi Parchin, Yasir Al-Yasir, Ahmed M. Abdulkhaleq, Raed A Abd-Alhameed, and Mohammad N. Patwary, “Design of 8-Element MIMO Antenna Array for Future Mobile Handsets”
  6. Yasir I. A. Al-Yasir, Naser Ojaroudi Parchin, Ahmed M. Abdulkhaleq, Raed A. Abd-Alhameed, and Mohammad N. Patwary, “Design of mmWave Hairpin Planar Filters for 5G and Beyond”
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