Special Session 4

Special Session 42023-06-07T08:23:52+00:00

Enabling innovation in Transport and Logistics operations: a 5G approach

Thursday, 8 June 2023, 16:00-17:30, Room G4

Session Chair:
  • Sofoklis Dais (Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)/Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), GR)

The spread of 5G technology is expected to significantly influence the operation of the Transport & Logistics (T&L) sector. The orchestration of powerful 5G networking will establish a new intuition on logistics operations, resulting in more resilient, competitive, and sustainable supply chains. In this context, the scope of this Special Session is to highlight the multi-perspective impact of 5G connectivity on improving the operations and whole end-to-end processing in T&L. In specific, our motivation is to elaborate on the design and validation of a federated-model infrastructure (FENIX project, https://www.fenix-project.eu/), as well as on architectures and business models that constitute the basis for providing electronic infrastructure services, such as data services and scalable computational resources (5G-Blueprint project, https://www.5gblueprint.eu/). Our discussion will also focus on how fine-tuned technical architectures may enable the development of an open, virtualized and flexible platform-based experimentation facility for testing and validating T&L Network Applications (Network Applications) in real-world scenarios under 5G connectivity (VITAL-5G project, https://www.vital5g.eu/). Additionally, the session will review how a federated-model architecture alongside fully developed platform solutions can potentially optimize multimodal/multi-stakeholder logistics under considering multiple perspectives, such as improved inventory/fleet and resources management, freight tracking (FOR-FREIGHT project, https://www.for-freight.eu/), and finally, we will elaborate why 5G and complementary technologies (e.g., AI/ML, UAV, cloud/edge, Industrial IoT) are the key drivers to achieve multimodal transportation digitization and automation, thanks to inherited high-reliability, low-latency, and ubiquitous connectivity features that enable real-time monitoring, remote operation, and other relevant mission-critical services putting in the centre of attention the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Logistics supply chain (5G-Loginnov project, https://5g-loginnov.eu/). Our goal is to present the intersection of the projects participating as they cover different complementary domains of the complete value chain of communications within the T&L arena.


The special session of the project will be structured in the following way:

  1. A 5-minute introductory talk by a member of DG CONNECT – Jorge Pereira
  2. A 5-minute presentation by a chair or co-chair of a 5G-PPP WG relevant to the scope of the special session – Marius Iordache (Orange Romania).
  3. A short presentation by each of the Special Session Papers demonstrating any results obtained and future perspectives:
    a. Enabling Innovation in Transport & Logistics: A 5G Approach (10 minutes)
    b. Enabling End-To-End Freight Transport Visibility Using 5G Technology: The Case of the FOR-FREIGHT Project (5 minutes)
    c. Integrated Solution Based on Innovative Digital Technologies for Smart Ports (5 minutes)
    d. 5G Experimentation Facilities for the Future of Transport and Logistics: The VITAL-5G Approach (5 minutes)
    e. Online Media Innovations in the Service of Transport and Logistics 4.0: a 5G Paradigm (5 minutes)
  4. A 10-minute presentation by a Huawei representative with expertise on the intersection of Transport and Logistics and 5G/6G technologies – Martin
  5. A round-table discussion about hot topics with the public attending and the speakers. (40 minutes).

This will bring the total time of the session to 1h30.

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