Special Session 3

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Bringing 6G from vision to reality in Europe – the key role of regulation in research

Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 11:00-13:00, Room Toucan 2
Session Chair:
  • Doriana Guiducci ( European Communication Office (European Communications Office – ECO, )
  • Gianmarco Baldini (European Commission Joint Research Centre, )

6G is going to bring forward technological advancements in new areas, which significantly changes the design and deployment of telecommunication networks and their applications, including the increased use of artificial intelligence, virtualization, integration of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, millimetre wave communication. Such advancements must rely on significant regulatory and standardization efforts to promote interoperability and performance among increasing complex and diverse systems. The standardisation aspects are generally well understood in the research community, but this is not the only step in the process, as the identification of suitable spectrum bands for 6G and their harmonisation across Europe is another important step, which requires close cooperation between the European Commission, CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).
The impact of these technologies on the various domains (transportation, digital transformation of the society) should also be taken into account in particular aspects related to the digital divide, security, privacy, sustainability, and safety of citizens as telecommunication capabilities become increasingly pervasive in society.
In this context, the motivation of the session is to explore the relationship between regulation, standardization and research in 6G, to identify potential gaps, to anticipate potential policy and governance issues requiring action.
This special session will be focused on analysing and identifying the potential regulatory roadblocks but also opportunities for Europe to bring 6G from vision to reality, for the benefit of all society. The session will highlight how existing and future research programmes can help to address these issues.
The discussion in the special session will explore specific case studies. In particular the incorporation of Non-Terrestrial Networks into the 6G Vision will be considered, which brings a new set of regulatory challenges through the convergence of the terrestrial and satellite sectors.


The special session will be based organised as a panel where the aspects presented above in the Motivation and Context section will be discussed among the panellists. A short 5-10 minute presentation will be allocated to each panellist. Then, the proposers of this special session (Doriana Guiducci and Gianmarco Baldini) will drive the Q&A debate


  • European Communications Office – Peter Faris
    The European regulatory framework and CEPT initiatives on 6G
  • EC DG CNECT – Jorge Pereira
    Regulation and sustainability aspects in 6G
  • 6G Flagship – Marja Mattinmikko-Blue
    Researchers’ contributions to regulation
  • Nokia – Eiman Mohyeldin
    Turning the IMT-2030 vision into reality: the global way of 6G post WRC-23
  • ETSI – David Boswarthick
    The role of standardization in 6G
  • ESA- Frank Zeppenfeldt
    Non-Terrestrial Networks and regulation
  • CNIT – Alessandro Guidotti
    SNS JU 6G-NTN Project, SNS JU 5G-STARDUST Project, ITA NTN Project
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