Special Session 22022-06-06T10:12:27+00:00

Channel Modeling and Signal Processing for Terahertz Communications, Sensing and Localization

Wednesday, 8 June 2022, 10:30-12:00, Room A302

Session Chair:
  • Ke Guan (Beijing Jiaotong University, CN)
  • Yvette Koza (ZTE Wistron Telecom AB, SE)

Looking to 2030 and beyond, revolutionary enhancement of data transmission rates in sixth generation (6G) and beyond systems are required to meet the challenge of increasing communication traffic due to the massive exchange of information. Development of technologies and systems enabling Terabit-per-second (Tbps) wireless communications needed to support long term exponential capacity increase of mobile communication networks. Among the available frequency bands, the Terahertz (0.1-10 THz) band has been identified as the most promising one to address the spectrum scarcity and capacity limitations of current wireless systems (though millimeter-wave communications (30-100 GHz) have been officially adopted in recent 5G cellular systems). Furthermore, the unique properties of THz wave propagation enable novel sensing and localization capabilities. Since wireless channels are the foundation for designing a wireless communication system in the new spectrum and new environments, it is imperative to study the THz radio propagation channels for 6G future wireless communications. Moreover, signal processing for THz integrated communication and sensing (ICAS) is an emerging area of research that is still not well discovered. Thus, in this special session, we aim to establish a strong connection between channel modelling, localization fundamentals, and joint communications, sensing and localization in the THz band. Along the way, this special session is expected to introduce new methods that can alleviate the quasi-optical behaviour of THz signals to provide seamless connectivity and accurate localization and sensing capacities.


This special session consists of 1 invited talk and 4 papers. The contributions are expected to explore technologies above 100 GHz with focus on channel modelling and signal processing for THz communications, sensing and localization. The potential invited speakers and contributors are as follows:

Invited speaker (confirmed):
1 – Thomas Kuerner, IEEE Fellow, Technische Universität Braunschweig – Characterization of THz radio Channels – Metrological

Contributors (confirmed):
2 – Maziar Nekovee, Dean of the AI Institute at University of Sussex-ZJSU and Managing Director 6G Lab – Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) State-of-the-art, Standards and Applications to THz and Vehicular Communications
3 – Jianwu Dou, ZTE Corporation – Scattering of Rough Surfaces in the Terahertz Band
4 – Wilhelm Keusgen, Professor at Technische Universität Berlin – Sub-THz Channel Measurements at 158 GHz and 300 GHz in a Street Canyon Environment
5 – Zhengrong Lai, Principal Scientist of Guangdong Communications & Networks Institute – THz High-dimensional Modulation Communication System Research

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