Special Session 12

Special Session 122023-06-05T09:25:12+00:00

Evolution of network exposure from 5G to 6G

Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 11:00-12:30, Room G4

Session Chair:
  • Bessem Sayadi (Nokia Bell-Labs, FR)
  • Vilho Räisänen (Nokia Bell Labs, FI)

It is expected that the communication fabric and the manner in which network services are consumed will evolve towards 6G, building on and extending capabilities of 5G networks. Network as a code, Network as a service, Service APIs, Network APIs are different aspects of network exposure, which provides the communication service providers a way to monetize the network capabilities. Allowing the developer community to use network capabilities via APIs is an emerging area for network monetization. Thus it is important that network exposure caters for the needs of developers serving different markets, e.g., different vertical industry segments. The notion of “Network Applications” is introduced following this idea. It is defined as a set of services that provides certain functionalities to verticals and their associated use cases. In practice, a network application uses the exposed APIs from the network and can either be integrated with (part of) a vertical application or expose its APIs (e.g., service APIs) for further consumption by vertical applications. The special session introduces the business need for the network exposure, and put the light on technological solution like CAMARA project and Network as a Code approach. The view from the standard will be also important to share. The special session will aim to facilitate discussion, and exchange of ideas and practices, and successfully promotes innovative solutions towards network exposure to support 6G requisites.


The session is organized as a set of invited keynotes from actors and experts in the field. The proposed list of speakers tries to highlight both the role of industry (operators and vendors) as well as academia. The session ends with a panel discussion and lasts 1h30.

  • Introduction to the session, Session Chairs: Bessem Sayadi (NOKIA Bell-Labs) and Vilho Raisanen (NOKIA Bell-Labs), 5min
  • «6G Value Creation : the role of exposure », Patrick Everaert, NOKIA Bell-Labs Consulting, 15 min
  • “Network as Code”, Tanja De Groot, NOKIA, 15 min
  • “CAMARA Project”, Angela Burgaleta Ledesma, Telefónica, 15 min
  • “6GFlagship”, Jussi Haapola, University of Oulu, 15 min
  • “Advancing Network Apps and Service Exposure in Multi-generation Ecosystems”, Håkon Lønsethagen, Telenor, 15 min
  • Discussion, 10min
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