Special Session 12

Special Session 122024-05-31T08:12:03+00:00

Towards 6G enabled new business area via converged perception, cognition and control

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 11:00-13:00, Room Darwin Hall

Session Chair:
  • Xueli An (Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH, DE)

Based on ITU defined IMT2030 vision, the next generation of mobile communication network is expected to adopt an AI-native network architecture that not only utilizes AI to enhance the network performance but can also enable AI services and applications. By leveraging the 6G network, universal intelligence can be deployed over cloud, edge, and devices, with low latency and high reliability AI services which has a great potential to support new use cases, business sectors. Moreover, 6G new technical features like integrated communication and sensing could also open a new dimension to facilitate the further development of our cyber-physical system that has a great impact not only in the consumer business but as well as vertical domains.
On the other hand, with the continuous development of robotic technologies, robots have been widely applied in human life, and play an increasingly important role in fields such as manufacturing, logistics, smart home, healthcare, and many others. Robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their capabilities, but most of them are only suitable for specific tasks, and require reprogramming when faced with previously unseen tasks.
6G and robotic are perfect match. Together with recent advanced progress on large foundation models, we can anticipate that 6G new technical features like integrated communication and sensing, native AI could help to accelerate the emergence of general-purpose robots that can perform universal and complex tasks as human, such as vision, language-based communication, perception, action, and cognition. This could be the new wave of 6G use cases to be considered in the scandalization activities.
In this convened session, the organizer would like to invite experts from 6G, robotics, as well as AI areas to discuss the use cases, requirements and enabling technologies that may impact the mobile communication standardization landscape, e.g. ETSI, ITU, 3GPP.


Session opening (10 mins):

  • Welcome and opening speech from Session Chair.

Technical Presentation:

  • Future connected and intelligent robotic system – Reinhard Lafrenz, Secretary General, euRobotics. (20 mins)
  • Ethics by Design: Shaping the Future of Emerging Technologies in the 6G Era, Isabel De Peuter-Rutten, President Euromersive (20 mins)
  • Wireless Foundation Models, Adnan Shahid, imec (20 mins)
  • 6G use cases on robotic and digital twin – Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei, KCL. (20 mins)
  • 6G testbed and platform, Josef Eichinger, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH (20 mins)

Session Summary (10 mins)

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