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NetApps for Verticals

Wednesday, 8 June 2022, 16:00-17:30, Room A305

Session Chair:
  • Bessem Sayadi (Nokia Bell-Labs France, 5G-PPP Software Network WG Chairman, FR)
  • Christos Tranoris (University of Patras, GR)

As we move from the 5G era onwards to 5G-Advanced, and leading up to the 6G era, the communications fabric and the way the network services are consumed need to be architected differently. Technologies like Cloud-native, AI/ML, Software led, low touch operations and ultimately automation of every aspect of the network and the services it delivers, will be key and essential for this disruption. Previous 5G PPP phases demonstrated that software networks, the Service-Based Architecture (SBA) and network programmability through standard APIs, provide high flexibility to offer network services tailored to the vertical needs and the requirements of specific tenants. As a response to this, last year a series of projects launched that offer experimentation facilities able to provide enhanced experimentation infrastructures on top of which third party experimenters SMEs or any service provider and target vertical users will have the opportunity to test their applications in an integrated, open, cooperative and fully featured network platform running across multiple domains where needed, and tailored to specific vertical use cases. Industry verticals, enterprises have different needs which the NetAppI ecosystem embraces with abstracted API sets and new business models. The aim of this session is to bring together all the NetApp stakeholders, discuss their experiences so far and pave the way for NetApps into 6G to span all domains RAN/CORE/Transport/Devices/Applications. Thus the session targets to:

  • Highlight experiences and lessons learned with NetApp development and its Lifecycle management
  • Investigate how Standards include related information to realize the NetApps vision
  • Understanding of all related stakeholders
  • Investigate cross-industry cooperation opportunities
  • Promote the innovative services and new business models introduced by the NetApp concept and their evolution towards 6G The proposed session will build upon the success of the series of past relevant EuCNC Special Sessions and Workshops, and it will aim to provide useful inputs along the above-mentioned directions.

The session will be focused on discussing how NetApp empowers the verticals on-boarding on 5G and reinforce the fact that 5G is a platform and not a pipe. Different actors from diverse vertical domains will share their design and their interaction with the 5G platform owner. Through this session, we target to capture the take of the community on the level of interaction and trust that NetApp should support, the way services are provided to verticals, How NetApp simplifies the implementation and deployment of vertical systems at large scale etc. Duration: 1h 30m

  • Introduction and Insights from the 5G-PPP SWG NetApp Whitepaper
      WG Chair (Bessem Sayadi, Nokia, FR) – 5m
  • Connected and automated mobility
      5G-IANA (Francesca Moscatelli, Nextworks, IT) – 9m
      5GASP (Antonio Skarmeta, Odins, ES) – 9m
  • Smart factories and industry 4.0
      5G-INDUCE (Jakob Kämpfer, Oculavis, DE) – 9m
      5G-SOLUTIONS (Diaa Jadaan, NTNU, NO) – 9m
      EVOLVED-5G (Harilaos Koumaras, IIT, GR) – 9m
  • Healthcare
      5G-EPICENTRE (Ioannis Markopoulos, NOVA, GR) – 9m
  • PPDR
      5G-ERA (Renxi Qiu, Univ of Bedfordshire, UK) – 9m
  • Energy
      Smart5Grid (Rita Santiago, Ubiwhere, PT) – 9m
  • Transport & Logistic
      VITAL-5G (Kostas Trichias, WINGS ICT Solutions, GR) – 9m
  • Media
      5G MediaHub (Kostas Ramantas, Iquadrat, ES) – 9m
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