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Redesigning Transport Networks for 6G: From the cell site to the core

Wednesday, 8 June 2022, 10:30-12:00, Room A228

Session Chair:
  • Ricard Vilalta (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), ES)
  • Ramon Casellas (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), ES)

Network operators are only slowly adopting Transport SDN deployments, aiming at network automation across multiple network segments and technologies, while enabling the integration of cell sites with the network core. Several barriers are currently blocking the full adoption of this technology and to fully enable network automation. It is key to define the use cases, workflows and supporting architectures with standard interfaces that can operate in greenfield and brownfield deployments, spanning all involved networking layers, from the access to the long-haul. On the one hand, the integration with L3VPN/L2VPN up to the network edge requires a clear network programmability framework to provide cloud scale network management capabilities, where the TeraFlow framework will deal with current network devices and provide a solution up to the edge. On the other hand, Multi-Band (MB) Optical networking expands the available capacity of optical fibres, by enabling transmission within S, E, and O bands, in addition to commercially available C+L bands (with a potential 10x transmission capacity increase with respect to C-band), yet the underlying technologies need to be developed: the availability of MB transmission will lead to a complete redesign of the end-to-end architecture, removing boundaries between network domains, reducing electronic intermediate terminations, and providing a network continuum between X-haul/access, aggregation, metro, and core segments. The corresponding SDN control plane needs to be significantly extended to support MB elements and a ‘domain-less’ network architecture, and rely on physical layer abstraction, impairment modelling, and pervasive telemetry data collection to feed AI/ML algorithms that will thus lead to a Zero-Touch networking (ZTN).


The session is organized as a set of technical presentations from key actors and experts in the field of transport networks. The proposed list of speakers tries to highlight both the role of industry (operators, and vendors) as well as academia. The session ends with a 20 min panel discussion and lasts 1h40.

  • Introduction to the session, session chairs, Ricard Vilalta and Ramon Casellas (CTTC) 10min
  • Invited: An operator’s perspective on SDN control for transport networks, Oscar González (Telefónica), 20min
  • Introducing whiteboxes and network orchestration at the cell site, Lluis Gifre (CTTC), 10min
  • Multi-Band Optical Networking, achievements and challenges, Antonio Napoli (Infinera), 10min
  • Automation and policy management for network orchestration, Georgios Katsikas (Ubitech), 10min
  • The role of AI/ML in Intent Based Networking and Closed Loop Optical Networks, Luis Velasco (UPC), 10 min
  • Cloud-native Security in Transport Networks, Carlos Natalino (Chalmers University), 10min
  • Discussion, 20min
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