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One6G – An Open Accelerator for 6G Research in Europe

Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 11:30-13:00, Zoom Room

Session Chair:
  • Egon Schulz (Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH, Munich Research Center)

As local 6G research initiatives multiply, the need for a global, open and long term 6G research accelerator emerged, clustering together verticals and academia, to develop technologies upon vertical visions, aiming at a full digitalization of society supported by one, not fragmented, 6G standard. This need fostered the creation of One6G Association, rooted in Europe and leveraging on the pivotal role of its ecosystem in 6G research. This special session unveils the new-born One6G Association, its mission and objectives; it aims at discussing Vertical visions and at presenting latest results on most promising enabling technologies.



Part 1. Introduction – One6G Association

Presentation of One6G motivations, objectives, structure and members.

  • “One6G – A global and open association to accelerate 6G research in Europe”, Αssoc. Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, National Kapodistrian Uni. of Athens


Part 2: 6G Vision and Enabling Technologies 

Five highly qualified invited speakers will intervene to present 6G vision and cutting edge enabling technologies directions.

  • Vertical Vision #1: “6G Requirements – The vertical Maritime Domain”, Αssoc. Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, National Kapodistrian Uni. of Athens)
  • Vertical Vision #2: “6G Requirements – The vertical e-health Domain”, Dr. Michael Kranzfelder (Medical), Department of Surgery, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University Munich
  • Enabling Technology #1: “THz Communications – An enabler for 6G”, Prof. Thomas Kürner, Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Enabling Technology #2: “Towards Ubiquitous 6G Joint Communication and Sensing”, Prof. Andrea Giorgetti, University Bologna, CNIT
  • Enabling Technology #3: “Future 6G Architecture”, Frederic Thepot, Director DOCOMO Lab Europe, Munich


 Part 3: Questions and Answers Session 

Floor will be open to the audience to discuss One6G Association objectives and plans, as well as 6G visions and enabling technologies.

Moderator: Dr. Walter Weigel, VP, Huawei European Research Institute (ERI), Leuven

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