Convened Session 6

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Embedding sustainability into 6G: the race to deliver green digital solutions

Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 11:00-12:30, Room G1
Session Chair:
  • Luis Neves (GeSI, DE)

6G technology will help redefine the way we live, work and communicate, re-shaping industries and societies and delivering connectivity and intelligence to all users across the globe and creating a more inclusive society. 6G technologies can help us tackle the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges by delivering smarter, more energy-efficient solutions, making the economy more efficient. With a rich vision and great potential through high data rates, low latency, and ultra-reliable communication system, 6G will usher in potential new customers and new ecosystems, as well as a diverse collection of connected devices in a cost and energy efficient manner. Therefore, green and sustainable development of 6G is a critical requirement for network and terminal designs. Achieving such a feat will require robust monitoring and evaluation systems in place through the use of frameworks that are not only applicable across sectors, but also science based. In this panel, we aim at providing an engaging platform for industry leaders and experts to exchange visions, address technical challenges, as well as policy and research directions to direct 6G development towards a sustainable path.



  1. Luis NEVES (GeSI, DE) (moderator)
  2. Chiara Mazzone (EU Commission, BE)
  3. Veronika THIEME (The Carbon Trust, NL)
  4. Carlos Ruiz Garvia (UNFCCC, DE)
  5. Philipp Buddemeier (Betterearth, DE)


  1. What are the main drivers for 6G and what general components must be embedded into its design?
  2. What are the biggest disruptions and challenges in 6G technology on the way towards sustainability?
  3. What are the new requirements and dimensions for the sustainable development of 6G?
  4. What do you foresee are the expected use cases for 6G and how can it enable other sectors?
  5. What is the timeline for 6G?
  6. What will the ICT industry look like 5 years from now with the growing focus on sustainability? How can we measure green digital solutions and their enablement potential during this time?
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