Convened Session 3

Convened Session 32024-06-04T06:00:11+00:00

European vision on 6G use-cases

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 11:00-13:00, Room Gorilla Room 1
Session Chair:
  • Pavlos Fournogerakis (SNS Office, BE)
  • Didier Bourse (Nokia, FR)
  • Colin Willcock (6G-IA, BE
  • Toon Norp (TNO, NL)
  • Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia Bell Labs, FI)
  • Hans D. Schotten (Univ. of Kaiserslautern and Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, DE)

In May 2024, there is a 3GPP SA1 workshop being organized where vertical associations and R&I initiative from Europe, India, China, Japan, South Korea and the US have been invited to each provide their view on 6G standardisation. In order to provide a single consolidated European input for this 3GPP SA1 workshop, the SNS ICE CSA has set up a coordinated effort to ensure that all SNS projects and European national initiatives can provide input to this consolidated view. This workshop is a significant milestone in 6G standardisation as it is the first 6G activity within 3GPP. From a European R&I perspective it will be a major success that not only there is major standardisation input from European R&I projects, but furthermore that this input is coordinated across EU projects and national 6G initiatives. From the perspective of the EUCNC audience and wider research community in Europe, it will be of interest what will be this European wide consensus on 6G use cases and how did that come about. What inputs/ideas were received from national initiatives and SNS projects. Is there consensus also between the European R&I vision on use cases and other regions? This session at EUCNC allows us to share first time the results of the May 2024 3GPP workshop as the workshop itself is by invitation only. We can also discuss in a panel what will be the next steps with these use cases in standardisation and European R&I projects.


Part 1 – Presentations (60 mins)

  • Introduction & Consolidated European view (Toon Norp, SNS-ICE, the Netherlands)
  • National Initiative view – the Netherlands (Jos Berière, FNS, the Netherlands )
  • National Initiative view – Germany (Hans Schotten, 6G Platform, Germany)
  • 6G-NTN view (Dorin Panaitopol, Thales, France)

Part 2 – Moderated Panel discussion (30 mins)

Kostas Trichias (moderator)

  • Jose Almodovar Chico (3GPP SA1 Chairperson, the Netherlands)
  • Mikko Uusitalo (Hexa-X-II, Nokia, Finland)
  • Andreas Müller (5G-ACIA, Germany)
  • Risto Jurva (6G Flagship, Finland)


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