Convened Session 2

Convened Session 22024-05-29T18:04:45+00:00

How to accelerate 6G research through global standards

Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 16:00-17:30, Room Gorilla Room 1
Session Chair:
  • Colin Willcock (6G-IA, BE)
  • David Boswarthick (ETSI, BE)

The success of the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking relies not only on the technical results of the projects but also on a strong valorisation of EU research in standardisation bodies. It is important for EU stakeholders to prepare for this crucial phase. Also new developments are happening in industry, like disaggregation and softwarisation of networks, the raising importance of cloud technology that may eventually have an influence on the standardisation process. Similarly, new topics like Artificial Intelligence are emerging as being highly prominent in 6G. Against this background, the purpose of this special session is to raise awareness of the standardisation directions, focus, priorities and challenges that the research community should take into account with the objective of preparing the widest possible EU industrial base to be in prime position for the upcoming 6G standardisation, and also to prepare for the next SNS phases which will have a strong standardisation component.


Introduction / Welcome
(5 mins) Welcome, Setting Scene, David Boswarthick, Dir. NET ETSI
(5 mins) Opening Statements, Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Head of Unit, DG CONNECT, Future Connectivity Systems    
(5 mins) Opening Statements, Pavlos Fournogerakis, Deputy Head of Programmes, SNS JU

Talks – Towards 6G Standardisation
General Topics:
(10 mins) Accelerating research in 3GPP, Toon Norp, TNO
(10 mins) Facilitating the path from R&I into standards, 6G-IA pre-standards group, Riccardo Trivisonno, 6G-IA pre-standards Chair
(10 mins) The role of Software Development groups in ETSI. Silvia Almagia, Director of Software and Standards

Research to Standards, The example of ISAC
(10 mins) ETSI ISG ISAC Activities, Alain Mourad, ETSI ISG ISAC Chair
(10 mins) Status & plans for standards, 6G-DISAC project, Philippe Sehier, Nokia

(20 mins) Panel / Q&A Session
Moderator, David Boswarthick, Dir. NET ETSI
Include identified speakers from previous sessions

(5 mins) Conclude / Session Close
Concluding remarks David Boswarthick, Dir. NET ETSI


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