Convened Session 1

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5G-PPP – The value generated for Europe

Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 11:00-12:30, Room Congress Hall
Session Chair:
  • David Kennedy (Eurescom, DE)

The 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) has been fostering Research and Innovation (R&I) activities on the greater ICT sector focusing on (B)5G technologies during the past decade. As part of the 5G-PPP programme 95 R&I projects have been funded since 2014, involving more than 700 distinct beneficiaries and resulting in thousands of scientific publications, a significant number of contributions to standardization bodies and multiple innovations, tested in advanced 5G testbeds across Europe. To achieve these results and also identify common trends and widely acceptable solutions, apart from the individual 5G-PPP projects, researchers have been organized in Working Groups. Each working Group has been focusing on specific aspects of technology and/or application field, enabling stakeholders to exchange, knowledge, ideas, results and insights. This has led , to improved understanding of the underlying issues, optimal design of solutions and immediate feedback among the 5G PPP projects. As the 5G PPP programme approaches its completion, this convened session, will highlight the key achievements of the 5G PPP programme and the value generated for Europe. A dedicated panel of the experts that have led this work from multiple positions (SB and TB chairs, 5G PPP WG chairs), will provide their insight about the results of the 5G PPP Programme, as well as the lessons learned so that the continuation framework (i.e., Smart Networks and Services) will provide even better results. The session will conclude with an outline how the collaborative work on these issues may be continued in the SNS JU context and a discussion on the goals of this.


Presentations of the 5GPPP programme and its highlights, 30’

  • 5G for Europe, Peter Stuckmann (EC)
  • The importance of 5G PPP for the private sector, Colin Willcock (6G-IA)
  • Dan Warren (5G-PPP SB Chair),
  • Mikael Fallgren (5G-PPP TB Chair)

The achievements of the 5G-PPP Panel, 40’ Chairs from 5G PPP WGs

Moderator: Mikael Fallgren

  • Didier Arnaud Bourse, former TB chair
  • Bessem Sayadi, Software networks WG
  • Vangelis Kosmatos, TMV WG
  • Tasos Gavras, Network Management WG
  • Jesus Alonso Zarate, 5G4CAM WG
  • Oemer Bulakci, Architecture WG

Passing the WG Baton to the SNS JU, 20’

Moderator: David Kennedy

Future of WGs in the SNS community, Priorities and Objectives

Max 3 Speakers from:

  • New SNS WGs
  • SNS Projects
  • SNS Office/ 6G-IA office
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