Convened Session 1

Convened Session 12024-04-19T07:52:49+00:00

WiTaR: Women in Telecommunication and Research

Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 11:00-13:00, Room Gorilla Room 1
Session Chair:
  • Bahare Masood Khorsandi (Nokia, DE)
  • Marie-Helene Hamon (Orange, FR)
  • Irene Alepuz Benaches (UPV, ES)
  • Ishita Mishra (Institute PIIU, IT)
  • Pooja Mohnani (EURESCOM, DE)
  • Marja Matinmikko-Blue (Univ. of Oulu, FI)
  • Didier Bourse (Nokia, FR)

Women in Telecommunications and Research (WiTaR) is an EU-level initiative that promotes gender equality, inclusion and empowerment in the 6G Research & Innovation (R&I) community. The group started its activity as part of European 6G flagship project Hexa-X, extended to all projects in 5GPPP. As of 2024, WiTaR is officially a 6G-IA working group. This Convened Session, leveraging the Convened Session organized during EuCNC & 6GS 2022 and 2023, aims at communicating the WiTaR initiative up-dates and plans to the European and global 6G R&I community, further raising awareness of gender inclusivity and engaging different stakeholders and EU projects to discuss possible actions to improve gender diversity and inclusivity in the R&I activities especially in the Smart Network and Services (SNS) Joint undertaking (JU).


The proposed structure is envisioned for the 1h40 minutes slot:

  • Video(s) from female leaders around Europe stating the importance of gender inclusivity in deep tech and 6G

          5-10 minutes – Didier Bourse

  • Intro and Activities of WiTaR (including the analyze and current statistics in SNS in aspects of women participation as well as using EUCNC conference as a use case)

          10 min Bahare M. Khorsandi & Marie-Helene Hamon

  • WiTaR collaboration opportunities with other SNS projects

          5 – 10 min Pooja Mohnani

  • Industry and academia’s view and practice to encourage gender diversity – 10 min each speaker
    • Accademia TBC
    • Industry TBC
    • SNS TBC
  • Interactive session with the audience

          30 min – host TBC

    • Open discussion on various topics including the speakers
    • Showing the result of survey (Pooja Mohnani)
  • Conclusion

          10 min – Bahare M. Khorsandi & Marie-Helene Hamon

    • Wrap up and further action points
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