Poster Session B

Poster Session B2023-05-17T13:31:45+00:00
Thursday, 8 June 2023, 12:30-13:00, Congress Foyer

Session Chair: Mehdi Sattari (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

  1. The Potential of 6G Communication to Transform Healthcare in Remote Telesurgery
    Yan Bai, Ethan Nesel and Ahmed Ahmed (University of Washington Tacoma, USA); Hiroyuki Sato (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  2. The Use of Smart Technologies for Collecting Data on Commuting to Work – Some Concepts for Poland
    Tomasz Klimanek (Statistical Office in Poznań & Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland); Sylwia Filas-Przybył (Statistical Office in Poznan Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan, Poland)
  3. Holistic, Omnipresent, Resilient Services for Future 6G Wireless and Computing Ecosystems
    Fabrizio Granelli (University of Trento, Italy); Josep Martrat (Atos, Spain); Xavi Masip-Bruin (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) & Advanced Network Architectures Lab (CRAAX), Spain)
  4. An Extended Kalman Filter Enabled Beam Tracking Framework in Intersection Management
    Dou Hu and Jin Nakazato (University of Tokyo, Japan); Ehsan Javanmardi and Muhammad Asad (The University of Tokyo, Japan); Manabu Tsukada (the University of Tokyo, Japan)
  5. Multi-Dimensional Reconciliation Encoder with Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes on FPGA
    Marco Origlia (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies & CNR-IEIIT, Italy); Nicola Andriolli (National Research Council of Italy, Italy); Luca Maggiani (Sma-rty Italia, Italy); Piero Castoldi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy); Marco Secondini and Enrico Forestieri (SSSA, Italy); Tobias Rydberg and Tobias Gehring (DTU, Denmark)
  6. End-To-End Intent-Based Closed-Loop Management with Machine Reasoning
    Mirko D’Angelo (Ericsson Research, Sweden); Elham Dehghan Biyar (Istanbul Technical University & Ericsson, Turkey); Ankita Likhyani (Ericsson, India); Amadeu Nascimento, Junior (Ericsson Research Brazil, Brazil & Ericsson, Brazil); Marin Orlić and András Zahemszky (Ericsson Research, Sweden)
  7. On Dimensioning Count-Min Sketches for Telemetry and Resource Assignment in IPoWDM Networks
    José Alberto Hernández (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain); Davide Scano and Filippo Cugini (CNIT, Italy); Gonzalo Martínez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain); Oscar González de Dios (Telefonica I+D, Spain)
  8. 5G Standalone Seamless Roaming for Cross-Border Automotive Use Cases
    Rintse Van de Vlasakker, Belma Turkovic, Nassima Toumi, Ramon S. Schwartz and Peter-Paul Schackmann (TNO, The Netherlands)
  9. Freshness-Aware Energy Efficiency Optimization for IAB Networks: A Novel DRL Framework
    Yongqiang Zhang (KAUST & King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia); Mustafa A Kishk (National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland); Mohamed-Slim Alouini (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia)
  10. Providing Secure NFV Multi-Site Connectivity Services
    Jose Manuel Manjón (Telefonica, Spain); Borja Nogales (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain); Diego Lopez (Telefonica I+D, Spain); Antonio Pastor (Telefonica I+D & Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain); Ivan Vidal and Francisco Valera (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
  11. Covert Downlink Transmission in Federated Learning Network
    Sang Wu Kim (Iowa State University, USA)
  12. Recording Real-World AI/ML Datasets for 6G Wireless Communications Using SDR
    Abdo Gaber (National Instrument, Germany); Vincent Kotzsch, Walter Nitzold and Jan Fromme (National Instruments, Germany)
  13. Distributed MIMO Testbeds Using 1-Bit Radio-Over-Fiber Fronthaul
    Frida Olofsson (Kemivägen 9 & Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden); Lise Aabel (Ericsson Research & Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden); Christian Fager, Husileng Bao and Giuseppe Durisi (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
  14. Metallized High-Power Terahertz Components
    Zhaoying Li, Tong Sun and Lianggong Wen (Beihang University, China)
  15. IRS Deployments in Future Factory: Carbon Footprint Analysis of Different Network Configurations
    Lutz Stobbe (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM, Germany); Michael Kaiser (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany); Malte Schellmann (Huawei Technologies German Research Center, Germany); Joseph Eichinger (Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH, European Research Center (ERC), Germany)
  16. 5G in Airports: Requirements, Challenges and Applied Use Case
    Pablo Vera-Soto and Juan Cantizani-Estepa (University of Málaga, Spain); Raquel Barco (University of Malaga, Spain); Sergio Fortes (University of Málaga, Spain)
  17. UE Side Application Layer Metrics for QoR-Based Network Management
    Antonio Tarrias (University of Malaga & Telecommunication Research Institute TELMA, Spain); Alejandro A. Moreno (University of Malaga, Spain); Francisco Pareja (Metricell Limited, Spain); Eduardo Baena and Raquel Barco (University of Malaga, Spain); Sergio Fortes (University of Málaga, Spain)
  18. Novel Consensus Mechanism for Blockchain-Based Service Level Agreement Management Systems
    Nisita Weerasinghe (University of Oulu, Finland); Raaj Anand Mishra (Dell Technologies, India); Pawani Porambage (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Madhusanka Liyanage (University College Dublin, Ireland); Mika E Ylianttila (University of Oulu, Finland)
  19. Ultra-High Data-Rate Wireless Access & Sensing Demonstrators in D-Band
    Karthik Krishnegowda (IHP GmbH, Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, Germany); Matthias Scheide (IHP – Leibniz Institut für Innovative Mikroelektronik, Germany); Christoph Herold (IHP, Germany); Markus Appel (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany); Lukasz Lopacinski and Andrea Malignaggi (IHP, Germany); Corrado Carta (IHP – Leibniz Institut für Innovative Mikroelektronik, Germany & Technische Universität Berlin, Germany); Eckhard Grass (IHP & Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany)
  20. Internet of Things for Sustainable Weed Control. Lesson Learnt from the H2020 DEMETER HEMS Pilot in Luxembourg
    Maria Rita Palattella (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg); Sergiu Treer (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg); Catalin Chitu (Frontier Connect, Luxembourg); Sebastian Barillaro and Duc Long Phan (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg)
  21. Supporting Joint Communication and Sensing in 6G
    Stefan Wänstedt and Ritesh Shreevastav (Ericsson Research, Sweden); Jari Arkko (Ericsson, Finland)
  22. A Semi-Supervised Location-Aware Anomaly Detection Method for Ultra-Dense Indoor Scenarios
    Javier Villegas (University of Malaga, Spain); Sergio Fortes (University of Málaga, Spain); Raquel Barco (University of Malaga, Spain)
  23. Low-Power Pilot-Less Communication System for an Efficient Internet of Things
    Camille Monière (Université de Bretagne Sud & Lab-STICC, France); Bertrand Le Gal (University of Bordeaux, France); Emmanuel Boutillon (Université de Bretagne Sud, France)
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