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Luis M. Correia

Welcome to the 2022 EuCNC & 6G Summit!

The 2022 EuCNC & 6G Summit will be a unique opportunity to witness the latest developments on the directions that 6G is taking, namely from European projects. Since the last edition, EuCNC joins efforts with the 6G Summit which was launched by the 6G Flagship Programme in Finland.

Meeting your colleagues and all the networking that is possible in a conference are more than enough reasons to put a visit to Grenoble in our agendas from June 7th to the 10th! The conference will be held in a hybrid mode, with in-person and remote attendance possibilities. As in the 2021 edition, we intend to have the virtual component of the conference as close to the physical one as possible.

We are confident that it will be possible to gather attendees in Grenoble, for the much-desired possibility to talk directly to colleagues, see live demonstrations of projects, and the so much needed networking enabled the physical attendance of the conference. We expect that the exhibitions and demos component of the conference will be back to the usual level, of gathering around 70 booths with the latest technological developments.

A new cycle of R&D has started in the area of telecommunications with the deployment of 5G and the development of 6G, and the research work programme of the European Commission reflects this by the recent launching of the new cycle of projects, namely within the European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking.  The 2022 EuCNC and 6G Summit will definitely explore all these dimensions.

The motto for the 2022 EuCNC and 6G Summit is “Connectivity for a Sustainable World”. In the last years, it has become clear that climate change is a reality that is impacting us at an increasing scale and faster pace, and that there is the need for everyone to contribute to the solution of this problem. The area of telecommunications can contribute at least in two ways: by reducing the impact itself in the way that networks are designed, structured and run; by providing communication solutions to the society that reduce the impact of areas, e.g., travel and transportation.  The 2022 edition will address these aspects via a number of talks, panels, and other components.

The list of speakers and themes that is being prepared for Keynotes and Panels is also very interesting, addressing the conference motto and 6G which is of interest to the community.  Or course, all other sessions and workshops are expected to deal with these topics, as well as the challenges from 5G and mobile IoT deployment.

So, whether you intend to attend in-person or remotely, put the 2022 edition of EuCNC & 6G Summit in your agenda, submit papers and send proposals for workshops, special sessions, tutorials, and demos!

I’ll be very glad to see everyone in Grenoble in June!

Luís M. Correia
Steering Committee Chair

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