PHY – Physical Layer and Fundamentals

  • New air interfaces (5G, MTC, mmWave, etc.)
  • Beyond 5G, Terahertz communication
  • New modulation and coding techniques
  • New antenna arrays and antenna types
  • Reconfigurable radios and new radio heads
  • Advanced and massive MIMO
  • Hardware/Software co-design and implementation

RAS – Radio Access and Softwarisation

  • New spectrum management and sharing methods
  • Reconfigurable and energy efficient RRM
  • Modular and reconfigurable MAC
  • Soft-RAN and fronthauling
  • Cognitive and green radio
  • New access architectures and technologies in 5G (UNB, UWB, DSA, etc.)
  • Radio slicing

NET – Network Softwarisation

  • New network protocols and architectures
  • Cognitive network management in 5G and beyond
  • Software defined networking
  • Network slicing management
  • Network function virtualisation
  • Network programming for reconfigurability, mobility management, etc.
  • Fog and edge computing
  • Data aware networks and overlays (P2P, CDN, ICN, etc.)
  • Network operating system
  • Quality (QoE and QoS) aware networking
  • Security, trust and privacy

WOS – Wireless, Optical and Satellite Networks

  • 5G access and core networks
  • Advances in M2M, WSN, IoT networks
  • Integrated and hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks
  • Next generation passive optical networks
  • Optical/Wireless convergence
  • Communications for unmanned platforms
  • Communications for navigation and observation

APP – Application Areas and Services

  • Factory automation solutions
  • Autonomous driving solutions
  • Digital health and wellbeing
  • Critical communications and public safety
  • Agriculture and environmental monitoring
  • Smart cities and smart grids
  • Localization and location-based services
  • Emerging business models and monetisation strategies

OPE – Operational & Experimental Insights

  • 5G trials and experiments
  • Deployment insights from verticals (smart city, energy, digital health, public safety, automotive etc.)
  • Plug-and-play deployments and experiments
  • Advanced wireless platforms and testbeds
  • Network applications for test and production deployments
  • Network forensics, network instrumentation
  • Data driven network design and optimisation
  • Next Generation Internet