PHY - Physical Layer and Fundamentals

  • 5G air interfaces
  • Advanced modulation schemes, new coding solutions, FEC, HARQ, PAPR optimisation
  • Antennas and propagation
  • Communications at mm waves and sub-THz
  • MIMO advances
  • Multi-service (MBB, MCC, MTC, etc.) support
  • New air interfaces below 6 GHz
  • Technologies for M2M and IoT networks


RAT - Radio Access Technologies towards 5G

  • Advanced radio RRM and MAC functions
  • Broadband wireless access techniques, systems, and standards
  • Cooperative communications
  • Dynamic spectrum use
  • Energy efficient RATs
  • Machine Type Connectivity access technologies for massive communications
  • New enablers for new frequency bands
  • New enablers for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications
  • Physical-layer security


WON - Wireless and Optical Networks

  • 5G access and core networks
  • Advances in optical networks
  • Components and communications
  • Cloud-RAN and fronthauling
  • Gigabit home and in-building networks
  • M2M, WSN, IoT networks
  • Next generation PONs
  • Optical signal processing
  • Optical/Wireless convergence
  • Traffic engineering, QoS and QoE


NET - Networking

  • Content delivery, information centric, and data aware networks
  • Integrated and hybrid satcom/terrestrial nets
  • Navigation and observation integrated archit
  • Network mobility management
  • Network operating systems & control
  • Network overlay, virtualisation, and federation
  • Platforms & middleware for seamless services
  • Satellite media, broadband, and safety delivery
  • Satellite-based services and architectures
  • Security, trust, and privacy
  • Software defined networking


APS – Applications & Services

  • Application and services for mobile environments
  • E-Health and emergency management
  • Emergency and safety systems
  • Emerging business models, monetisation of infrastructures and services
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Multimedia services and applications
  • Peer-to-peer, application and service overlays
  • Smart cities, smart grids and environments
  • Social networks


TER - Testbeds & Experimental Research

  • Advanced multimedia testbeds/facilities
  • Cloud testbeds/facilities
  • Cognitive radio testbeds/facilities
  • Experimentally-driven research
  • Experimenter/end-user involvement
  • Federation of testbeds/facilities
  • ICT in verticals
  • Real-time system operation visualisation
  • Smart cities, IoT and M2M testbeds/facilities
  • Tools & techniques for testbeds management