Special Session 7

Dynamic spectrum management, a building block for 5G networks - A joint special session of the SPEED-5G, ADEL and SOLDER projects

  • Wednesday, 29 June 2016, 16:30-18:00, Room Kleoniki B
  • Session Chair: Valerio Frascolla (Intel Deutschland GmbH, Germany)


The Special Session is planned for 1.40h and is composed of 4 papers, 1 invited speaker and final panel discussion. First the papers will be discussed, each focusing on selected challenging topics in the spectrum management area, coming out of the ongoing work done in the EU-funded projects ADEL, SPEED-5G and SOLDER. Each project will provide its own view on the biggest technology challenges it faces. Focus will be put on how those technical challenges can be overcome and properly assessed by testbeds and demonstrations. Then the invited speaker will elaborate on a more general and encompassing topic related to business aspects of dynamic spectrum management. Finally the panel will trigger an open discussion, sharing and exchanging the different experiences and expertise of the session participants with the audience.

The Special Session organizing team is composed of the following people: Valerio Frascolla (Intel), Klaus Moessner (Surrey University), Florian Kaltenberger (Eurecom), Fotis Foukalas (ISI), Tharmalingam Ratnarajah (Edinburgh University), Nicola Marchetti (Trinity College Dublin).

The proposed Special Session encompasses several conference tracks, as defined in the “Call for Special Sessions”, among which Air interfaces, Management Technologies, Testbed and experimental research, Business aspects.
List of planned Speakers (15 minutes each):

  1.  Fotis Foukalas, ISI, Greece; on “Dynamic Spectrum Aggregation for 5G Networks”
  2.  Constantinos Papadias, Athens Information Technology, Greece; on “On the role of antenna arrays in collaborative spectrum sensing and sharing”
  3.  Oscar Carrasco, SISTELBANDA, Spain; on “Centralised Radio Resource Management for 5G small cells as LSA enabler”
  4.  Antonio Morgado, Portugal Telecom Inovação, Portugal, on “ADEL: The next stop in the LSA roadmap”


Invited Speaker (20 minutes):
Michael Fitch, BT, UK; on “Business aspects and new opportunities of dynamic spectrum management”


Panel Discussion (20 minutes):
The panel will be driven by Dr. Valerio Frascolla and is composed of the speakers of the previous sections of the special session. The main target of the panel is to facilitate an open discussion with the audience, focusing on the research and technical aspects of the following questions:

  •  Spectrum/Carrier aggregation evolution: the current and the next steps for an effective deployment.
  •  Spectrum sharing: status of the acceptance and way forward to WRC2019.
  •  Dynamic spectrum management: biggest hurdles and proposed solutions.


The panel will be run in a dynamic way, i.e. first it will be asked whether there are some pressing questions coming from the special session audience, if not, the panellists will be posed all or part of the above mentioned questions, depending on the time left for discussion.