Special Session 9

Millimeter-waves as a key enabling technology for 5G: Status of the pre-development activities and way forward - A joint special session of the mmMAGIC, THWEETHER, MiWaves and MiWEBA projects

  • Thursday, 30 June 2016, 09:00-10:30, Room Kleoniki A
  • Session Chair: Valerio Frascolla (Intel Deutschland GmbH, Germany)


The Special Session is planned for 1.40h and is composed of 4 papers, 1 invited speaker and a final panel. First 4 well-known researchers in the mmWave arena will present their different views focusing on a particularly interesting topic coming out of the four EU-funded projects MiWaveS, Miweba, mmMAGIC and TWEETHER. Then the invited speaker will focus on more general and encompassing topics related to mmWave technologies. Finally a panel will be held, which will start an open discussion sharing and exchanging the different experiences and expertise of the session participants with the audience.

The Special Session organizing team is composed of the following people: Valerio Frascolla (Intel), Mehrdad Shariat (Samsung), Thomas Haustein (HHI), Ronan Sauleau (University of Rennes 1), Jyri Putkonen (Nokia), Ruth Vilar Mateo (Polytechnic University of Valencia), Antonio Ramirez (Fibernova).

The proposed Special Session encompasses several conference tracks, as defined in the “Call for Special Sessions”, among which Air interfaces, Testbed and experimental research, Business aspects.


List of planned Papers (15 minutes each):

  1.  Maziar Nekovee, Samsung, UK; on “Towards 5G Radio Access above 6 GHz: Key Components and Future Architectures”
  2.  Laurent Dussopt, CEA-Leti, France; on “Recent progress on millimeter-wave radios and antennas for wireless access and backhaul in 5G mobile networks”
  3.  Kei Sakaguchi, HHI, Germany; on “Millimeter-wave on Your Hand in 5G”
  4. Claudio Paoloni, Lancaster university, UK; on “W-band point to multipoint system for small cells backhaul”


Invited Speaker (20 minutes):
Emilio Calvanese Strinati, CEA-Leti, France; on “Next Generation millimetre-wave for 5G and beyond”


Panel Discussion (20 minutes):
The panel will be driven by Dr. Valerio Frascolla and is composed of the speakers of the previous sections of the special session. The main target of the panel is to facilitate an open discussion with the audience, focusing on the research and technical aspects related to the discussed presentations. The panel will be open to answer the questions from the audience and can in any case start along a discussion driven by the following questions:

  • mmWave access: what are the main benefit and the main hurdles for its deployment?
  •  What are the most problematic blocks in a mmWave architecture from the technology perspective?
  • What are the most promising demonstrations currently under work in the mmWave domain?
  • Can one already agree on a realistic roadmap for mmWave deployment (access and backhaul)?