Special Session 8

Abstractions and Use Cases of converged Big Data, Telecom and IoT technologies

  • Thursday, 30 June 2016, 9:00-10:30, Room Aphrodite A
  • Session Chair:  Theodora Varvarigou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)


The special session will be jointly organised by the COSMOS and LeanBigData EU FP7 projects with participation from another 5 EU projects. The workshop will have 7 technical sessions and each one will last 30 minutes following by one conclusions and wrap-up  discussion.


Technical sessions:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Satisfying Telecom and IoT big data application requirements using multiple data stores in a coherent way (Apostolos Chatzimanikatis, Neurocom, Greece)
  3. Context-Aware Stream Processing for Large-scale IoT Applications (Juan Sancho, ATOS, Spain and Adnan Akbra, University of Surrey, UK)
  4. Database indexing for IOT architectures (George Papalexandratos, University of the Aegean, Greece)
  5. A Coherent and Rich PaaS with a Common Programming Model (Ricardo Jimenez, LeanXcale, Spain, Pavlos Kranas, ICCS/NTUA, Greece)
  6. IoT and big Data for Africa-the waziup project (Philippe Cousin, EGM, France and Abdur Rahim  Biswas, CREATE-NET, Italy)
  7. Model-free Approach based on IoT Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency in Smart Environments (Prof. Antonio Fernando Gómez Skarmeta, University of Murcia, Spain, FP7 ENTROPY and H2020 SMARTIE)
  8. Cloud metrics for supporting IoT related Use Cases (George Kousiouris, Greece, H2020 SLALOM)
  9. Recap, Open floor discussion, Future Steps and Directions