Welcome to EuCNC 2016 | Athens, Greece | June 27-30


We would like welcome you to the 25th Edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications, hosted in Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece. The conference will take place from 27 to 30 June 2016. We are certain that this year again EuCNC will be exceptional and a cornerstone event for showing the status of research in advanced networks and associated topics, with multiple exciting sessions, workshops, exhibitions/demonstrations, as well as an outstanding social program.


The next generation of communication systems, as pursued in 5G, will be the first instance of a truly converged network environment, where wired and wireless communications will use the same infrastructure, driving the future networked society. It will provide virtually ubiquitous, ultra-high bandwidth, "connectivity" not only to individual users, but also to connected objects


5G has set very ambitious goals, denoting the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards. To this end, 5G technology has begun to mature, in terms of:

  • architecture,
  • spectrum,
  • standards
  • access networks,
  • virtualisation,
  • management technologies,
  • business aspects,
  • vertical markets.


In 5G, verticals like energy, manufacturing, healthcare and automotive are envisioned as the new user space, enabling new applications, markets and businesses. The key message is that "5G holds promise of improved performance in terms of reduced latency, increased reliability and higher throughput under higher mobility and connectivity density. We want 5G communication networks to be programmable, energy efficient, resilient and secure innovation platforms, providing tailored level of service quality end-to-end.  "As we progress with the implementation of the European 5G Research, we will have extended opportunities to demonstrate with vertical sectors at scale the most demanding performance requirements of 5G.


In order to live "the Dawn of 5G" in the era of the global challenges of the digital age, Europe has to be ready to create and pursue opportunities focused on and centered around digital technologies, and develop a common strategy for 5G deployment. EuCNC2016 is the main venue for showcasing and getting the latest insights on European respective results.


We wish you a very fruitful and enjoyable EUCNC2016.

Welcome to Athens!

Mario Campolargo, Georgios Onopas

Conference General Co-Chairs