Exhibitors Guidelines



The exhibition area will be located in the main foyer (Foyer Europa, marked in blue), which is crossed by all attendees after they enter the Congress Centre, to go to the session rooms.  Coffee breaks and lunches will be served in the exhibition area, enabling a close contact of participants with exhibitors.












The available stands (3x2 m2) are furnished as follow:  

  • Moquette blue
  • Panels, optionally 250 cm heigh, coated in white cloth
  • 1 wood table, 140x80 cm2
  • 1 trash can
  • 3 black chairs
  • 1 light, 150 W
  • 1 multiple electrical outlet, 220V
  • 1 board on oval support, 150x50 cm2







Any changes or integration will be counted separately.

For example:

- Monitor 40” wall stand included: 300 euros for 3 days

- Monitor 20”: 170 euros for 3 days (6 available)

A template with all the needed information is available here.


For more information regarding Exhibitis you can contact info@momedaeventi.com.