Video Blog

During the EuCNC 2014 conference in Bologna, Italy, we are posting a video blog of short interviews and impressions of the event. 


The outcomes of EuCNC 2014


Roberto Verdone and Luis M. Correia

Univ. of Bologna, Italy                  IST – Univ. Lisbon, Portugal


The takeaways of EuCNC 2014


Thibaut Kleiner

EC, Belgium


The takeaways of the panel on IoT


Ovidiu Vermesan

SINTEF, Norway


Mobile Cloud Networking project at EuCNC 2014


Piyush Harsh

ZHAW, Switzerland


An operator's view on 5G


Terje Tjelta

Telenor, Norway


ABSOLUTE project at EuCNC 2014


Vincent Boussemart

Triagnosys, Germany


CROWD project at EuCNC 2014


Arianna Morelli

Intecs, Italy


Expectations on 5G


Bernard Barani

EC, Belgium


5Gnow project at EuCNC 2014


Luciano Leonel Mendes

TU Dresden, Germany


A view on the key technologies for 5G


Savo Glisic

Univ. of Oulu, Finland


CREW success stories at EuCNC 2014


Ingrid Moerman

iMinds, Belgium


Evolution of technologies for 5G


Marco Luise

Univ. of Pisa, Italy


Evolution of technologies for 5G


Andreas Polydoros

Univ. of Athens, Greece


OpenIoT project at EuCNC 2014


Martin Serrano

National Univ. of Ireland


Evolution of technologies for 5G


Adam Wolisz

TUBerlin, Germany


Impressions on EuCNC 2014


Lucio Ferreira

INOV, Portugal


A Vision of 5G


Matti Latva-aho

Univ. of Oulu, Finland


Lightness wins EuCNC 2014 Best Booth Award


Giacomo Bernini

Nextworks, Italy


Impressions on EuCNC 2014


Bernard Barani

EC, Belgium


Expectations of 5GPPP on the development of technologies for 5G


Werner Mohr

5GPPP Chairman


The takeaways of the panel on cloud


Johannes Prade

Nokia, Germany


Revolution of 5G


Jean-Luc Beylat

Alcatel-Lucent, France


Nokia's vision of 5G


Hossein Moiin

Nokia, Germany


A view on 5G


Nigel Jefferies

WWRF Chairman


An operator's view on 5G


Diego R. Lopez

Telefonica I+D, Spain


The Satellites in 5G


Nicolas Chuberre

Thales Alenia, France


An operator's view on 5G


Gabriele Elia

Telecom Italia, Italy


"What are the key technologies for 5G?"


David Soldani

Huawei, Germany


EuCNC 2015


Hikmet Sari

Supelec, France


Impressions about the conference


Christian Vitale

IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain


"What is your view on the evolution of 5G?"


Takaharu Nakamura

Fujitsu, Japan


About Visible Light Communications


Harald Haas

Univ. of Edinburgh, UK


A Vision of 5G


Wen Tong

Huawei, Canada


Discussing the Future


Mario Campolargo and Antonio Manzalini

European Commission, Belgium                Telecom Italia, Italy


Welcome to EuCNC 2014!


Luís M. Correia

IST – Univ. Lisbon, Portugal