Software Networks and 5G: from network programmability to SDN/NFV combination for effective network slicing

  • Monday, 12 June 2017, 9:00-17:00, Room IT115

  • Organisers:

    • Josep Martrat (ATOS, Spain)
    • Carlos Jesus Bernardos (Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain)
    • Georgios Xilouris (NCSR Demokritos, Greece)


Motivation and Background

The advent of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), based on emerging resource and service virtualisation technologies, enables the dynamic deployment and management of virtualised network functions (VNFs) within the network infrastructure. In addition, the logical centralisation of the network control plane, separating it from the data plane, achieved via Software Defined Networking (SDN), allows for greater network programmability and dynamicity. In this context, major European 5G PPP research initiatives are addressing network service virtualisation and programmability, aiming at significant cost efficiency, introduction of new services and transformation of the networking market. The ecosystem of R&D actions examines the impact and the capabilities of virtualisation and programmability across all networking domains: from core to edge and access, from wired/optical to wireless and cellular. The projects have been running for almost 2 years and key results and solutions are available to be shared. This open workshop objective is twofold enabling liaison between 5G-PPP Phase 1 projects and at the same time externalising the results of these projects to the research community for constructive feedback and interaction. The Workshop aims at reinforcing this European research ecosystem by strengthening the liaison between the participating projects, facilitating the exchange of ideas and helping each research group to take advantage of the results produced and lessons learnt by other projects. Thus, improving focus of innovation and aligning towards common goals and milestones, thus maximising the overall impact. The workshop will provide the links between currently active 5G-PPP projects conducting research in the areas of SDN and NFV technologies, empowering effective knowledge transfer, potent partnerships and mutual collaboration amongst them. It is endorsed by the Software Networks Working Group of the 5G-PPP (, and supported by participating projects and partners. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share hands-on experience and solutions and discuss research results. The structure of the workshop is based on invited technical presentation of projects that operate on the same focus area, followed by breakout sessions on targeted subjects allowing immediate interaction between the delegates and facilitating the exchange of expertise and best practices in the field.




The workshop will be defined in short and dynamic presentations with concrete technical outcomes of phase 1 5G PPP projects (not generic presentations) and is structured as follows:


  • Session 1 (1h30min):
    • Keynote presentation on key open source initiatives (for instance OSM, Open-O, etc.) + Q&A– (Presenter: TBC)
    • Overview of the 5GPPP Software Networks WG activities – white paper (30min) - Josep/Carlos [WG chairpersons]
  • Session 2 (2h30min): Technical per topic presentations
    • Orchestration and Programmability
      • Service Lifecycle and functions
      • Service Verification/Validation
      • VNF Placement
      • Open discussion on technical outcomes


        [Lunch Break]

  • Session 3 (2h30min): Technical per topic presentations
    • Infrastructure Virtualisation and Management
      • SDN/ NFV cooperation
      • Slicing (multi-segments / multi-domain / multi-site)
      • Dynamic Monitoring loops
      • Lightweight virtualisation techniques
      • Open discussion on technical outcomes