KEYNOTE 2: An industry view on 5G potential and trends

Kari Leppänen

(Director, 5G Radio Network Technology, Huawei, Finland)




The presentation will give an overview what industry considers currently as 5G and what it can become. It will elaborate on the requirements for both 5G applications, namely for broadband and for IoT communication and will discuss some new services, such as positioning. Moreover it will cover the important role of densification in 5G, look at some 5G spectrum considerations and consider the essential role that 5G networks will have in future smart city. In order to give an impression about the performance of 5G, results from tests in V2X and I4.0 applications will be presented. Finally some recommendations for future work are given.



Kari Leppänen graduated from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, with the Master Degree in 1992 and Ph. D. degree in 1995, majoring in Space Technology and Radio Engineering. After graduation he has worked in National Radio Astronomy Observatory (U.S.A.), Helsinki University of Technology (Finland), Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (the Netherlands) and Nokia (Finland). In Nokia he had several responsibilities, among other things leading the Nokia 4G research program in 2002-2004. Dr. Leppänen chaired the GIGA Converging Networks technology research program of Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation in 2005-2010. Currently he leads the 5G Radio Network Technologies research at Huawei in Sweden and Finland. He is based in Helsinki.